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Founded by two brothers, Troy and Terrence Timmons, we’ve always been frustrated by the book summaries available online. The truth is, not everyone has the luxury of time to sift through Google searches, consult ChatGPT, or struggle to find the core information of a book on various websites. That’s why we created ShortSummaryBook.com. Our goal is to ensure that anyone, regardless of their time constraints, can grasp the essence of a book in just minutes. No fluff, no content designed to deceive search engines—just straight to the point.

Troy Timmons

With a skill set that blends property management law and frontend website development, I’m well-suited for this book summary website. My strong critical thinking and problem-solving skills further add to my versatility. I have four years of hands-on experience in property management and another five in website development. As a book enthusiast, I am a big fan of Gabrielle Zevin’s “Tomorrow, and Tomorrow, and Tomorrow.” When I’m not working or reading, I stay active by working out, playing soccer, and surfing. To relax, I enjoy watching sports and playing fantasy football.


Terrence Timmons

I graduated from UCSB with a major in Math and a minor in Statistics. With 4 years of experience working with data at an online publishing platform, I’m also an avid reader and a fan of the “Stormlight Archive” series by Brandon Sanderson. I have a penchant for apples and enjoy playing soccer in my free time


Our Mission

At ShortSummaryBook.com, we believe that everyone should have access to the key ideas and takeaways from a wide range of books, regardless of their time constraints or reading abilities. Our mission is to make knowledge more accessible and actionable, by providing you with summaries that distill the essence of a book into a quick and easy-to-digest format.

We carefully read each book, analyze its main themes and arguments, and condense the most important information into a summary that you can read in just a few minutes. Our summaries are designed to give you a clear understanding of the book’s key ideas, without sacrificing its depth or nuance.

We pride ourselves on being a trusted source for book summaries, and we take our responsibility to our readers very seriously. We are committed to providing accurate and objective summaries that reflect the author’s original intent, and we strive to maintain the highest standards of editorial quality and integrity.

Whether you’re a busy professional, a student, or simply an avid reader who wants to stay informed, ShortSummaryBook.com is the perfect place to discover new books and expand your knowledge. Our summaries cover a wide range of genres and topics, from business and self-help to history and literature, so there’s something for everyone.

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