Date Published: January 26, 2016

All the Birds in the Sky: Summary

Love at the End of the World: Two Misfits, One Wild Destiny! That's the extraordinary tale of "All the Birds in the Sky," set in a startlingly recognizable yet fantastical San Francisco.

In this riveting narrative, Patricia Delfine, a witch capable of communicating with animals, and Laurence Armstead, a tech genius tinkering with a time machine, teeter between friendship and something more profound. In their youth, the cruelty of the modern world binds them. However, their paths diverge and reconvene in a dizzying whirl of prophecy, magic, and technology.

The clash between science and magic is as palpable as the tug-of-war between fate and choice. As adults, Patricia and Laurence are caught in the middle of a cosmic conflict, an armageddon scenario designed by mysterious, ethereal forces, The Nameless Ones. The fate of Earth hangs in the balance, burdening our heroes with unthinkable responsibility. In their disjointed yet deeply connected world, a polarized society mirrors the divide between them—technology favoring society on one side, and a disorganized coalition of witches on the other.

As the tension builds, the narrative spirals into a genre-blending ride of sci-fi, fantasy, and a dash of romantic comedy. Will they unite to save the world, or will they be the unwitting agents of its destruction? You have to take the journey to find out.

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All the Birds in the Sky

Author: Charlie Jane Anders

Date Published: January 26, 2016

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All the Birds in the Sky: Genres

Science Fiction
Dystopian Science Fiction
Post-Apocalyptic Fiction
Urban Fantasy
Romantic Comedy
Literary Fiction

All the Birds in the Sky: Main Characters

Patricia Delfine: A nature-loving witch, who values kindness and empathy. Example: She rescues a wounded bird, revealing her ability to communicate with animals.

Laurence Armstead: A tech prodigy, whose passion for innovation reflects his value of progress and rationality. Example: He creates a two-second time machine, representing his scientific mind and ambition.

All the Birds in the Sky: Themes

Clash of Disciplines: Embodied in Patricia’s magic and Laurence’s technology. Example: The divide between their adult lives—Patricia with the witches and Laurence with the tech company.

Love and Friendship: Their complex relationship traverses these themes. Example: Despite their different paths, their bond and eventual love save the world.

Apocalypse and Redemption: The impending end of the world and the fight to prevent it. Example: The Unraveling and their combined efforts to stop it.

Individuality and Difference: Their status as misfits. Example: Their alienation in school for being ‘different’ but finding solace in each other’s company.

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