Date Published: May 3, 2016

Craving: Summary

Discover the secret that could shatter everything they knew! In "Craving" by Helen Hardt, set against the vivid backdrop of Colorado’s Rocky Mountains, we dive deep into a world of desire, betrayal, and haunting pasts. Talon Steel is a man tormented by memories of childhood trauma, seeking refuge in his sprawling ranch, far from the prying eyes of the world. Enter Jade Roberts – a recent graduate, seeking solace from a broken engagement. When Jade’s summer job introduces her to the mysterious and enigmatic Talon, an instant connection sparks between them. However, their burgeoning passion is tested by the shadows of Talon’s past and the Steel family’s dark secrets. As Jade's curiosity pushes her closer to the truth, she becomes entwined in a web of intrigue, love, and redemption.

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Author: Helen Hardt

Date Published: May 3, 2016

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Craving: Genres

Contemporary Romance
Erotic Romance

Craving: Main Characters

Talon Steel: A rugged rancher with a tortured past, values loyalty above all, as seen when he strives to protect his family’s name and honor despite his personal struggles.

Jade Roberts: A bright and tenacious recent graduate, values truth and love. Her unwavering commitment to understanding Talon’s trauma showcases her deep empathy and resilience.

Jonah Steel: Talon’s supportive elder brother, values family. His consistent efforts to aid Talon in his healing journey underline his familial bond.

Marjorie Steel: Talon’s younger sister, she values unity and understanding. Marjorie’s attempts to reconnect her divided family echo her wish for harmony and love.

Craving: Themes

Overcoming Trauma: Talon’s journey from being a victim of a traumatic past to finding strength in love and understanding stands testament to this theme.

Family Secrets: The Steel family is riddled with dark secrets, making one question the lengths families will go to maintain their façade.

Redemptive Love: Jade’s unwavering commitment to Talon, even when faced with his darkest truths, portrays the healing power of love.

Search for Truth: From Jade’s curiosity to uncover the Steel family’s mysteries to Talon’s personal battles, the book is a relentless quest for truth.

Sacrifice: Characters constantly find themselves at crossroads, having to make sacrifices either for love, family, or personal peace, emphasizing the cost of happiness and closure.

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