Date Published: October 8, 2019

Look Both Ways: Summary

Dive into a block that's hotter than summer asphalt! Look Both Ways by Jason Reynolds takes us to a scorching city block, where every sidewalk crack has a tale to tell. Over the span of ten stories, intertwined like a beautifully chaotic spider web, we walk with different kids making their way home from school. Their paths reveal secrets, dreams, fears, and laughter. From the tales of booger-eating to the nightmares of fearsome neighborhood dogs, every step unlocks a slice of their world. But it ain't just about the fun and games; it's about the struggles, the losses, and the love too. Every direction you look, there’s a story. So, take a stroll down this block, and remember: always look both ways.

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Look Both Ways

Author: Jason Reynolds

Date Published: October 8, 2019

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Look Both Ways: Genres

Middle-Grade Fiction
Short Stories
Urban Fiction
Coming of Age

Look Both Ways: Main Characters

Low Cut: Values loyalty. When faced with a moral dilemma, he chooses friendship over societal norms, defending his friend against teasing.

Porscha: Values resilience. Despite grieving her mother’s death, she finds solace in humor and remains a pillar of strength for those around her.

TJ and Jasmine: Value love and understanding. Their bond and shared experience with a terrifying dog reflects how shared fears can draw people closer.

Satchmo and Bug: Value friendship. Even when their bond is tested by a secret, their connection remains unshaken, showcasing the strength of true friendships.

Look Both Ways: Themes

Community Interconnectedness: The block is more than just a collection of stories; it’s a woven fabric of lives. The ties between the kids on the bus showcase that every individual’s story is part of a bigger picture.

Facing Fears: From menacing dogs to the uncertainty of health, the kids confront their fears, teaching readers that bravery isn’t the absence of fear but facing it head-on.

Loss and Grief: Characters like Porscha grapple with loss, showing that grief has many faces, sometimes even laughter.

The Complexity of Youth: Despite their age, these kids face challenges that are anything but simple, illuminating the layered lives of young individuals in an urban setting.

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