mattimeo book summary

Date Published: 1989

Mattimeo: Summary

Harken, dear readers, for in Mattimeo a tapestry of valiant critters and unspeakable villainy awaits to ensnare your hearts! This mesmerizing tome, penned by the sagacious Brian Jacques, unfurls in the enchanting Mossflower Woods and the hallowed halls of Redwall Abbey. 'Tis the sequel to the beloved Redwall, where old faces and new embark on epic quests.

In this gallant tale, Matthias the warrior mouse, protector of Redwall, witnesses his once mischievous son Mattimeo blossom into a hero. When the sinister Slagar the Cruel, a fox with a vendetta and shrouded past, daringly abducts the young ones of Redwall, destiny beckons Mattimeo. In the cruel clutches of Slagar, Mattimeo’s mettle is tested as they trek through shadowed forests and perilous terrains.

Meanwhile, a specter of doom looms over Redwall Abbey. The spirit of the dreaded corsair, Captain Stonefleck, and his band of ominous birds, threaten the very soul of the sanctum. With the Abbey's warriors away, the steadfast inhabitants must muster their courage and wit to safeguard their hallowed halls.

In lands far south, the intrepid Matthias, Basil Stag Hare, and Jess Squirrel, united in valor and resolve, tirelessly trail their offspring’s captors. Through uncharted lands, veiled in riddles and fables, their quest shall lead them to the forbidding Kingdom of Malkariss, a realm wreathed in shadows and echoes of a fallen empire.

In Mattimeo, friendships are forged, hearts are fortified, and blades clash with sparks akin to the stars. The eternal dance between honor and malice pirouettes through the pages of this enthralling adventure!

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mattimeo book summary
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Author: Brian Jacques

Date Published: 1989

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Mattimeo: Genres

Children's Literature
Animal Fiction
High Fantasy

Mattimeo: Main Characters

Mattimeo: The valiant young mouse, son of Matthias and Cornflower, who evolves from a mischievous imp to a gallant hero, his heart abrim with honor and resolve.

Matthias: The legendary warrior mouse, once the protagonist of “Redwall”, whose unyielding love for his son and determination exemplifies the epitome of courage and fatherhood.

Slagar the Cruel: A twisted fox, masked and malevolent, driven by an old grudge; his cunning and deceit mark him as a formidable nemesis.

Cornflower: Matthias’s wife and Mattimeo’s mother, whose grace and strength anchor the hearts of her family.

Basil Stag Hare: A loyal friend and fearsome warrior, his lighthearted humor and indomitable spirit exemplify the bonds of camaraderie and courage.

Mattimeo: Themes

Courage and Heroism: Characters such as Matthias and Mattimeo display courage as they face numerous adversities, fighting against overwhelming odds for justice.

Coming of Age: Through trials and tribulations, Mattimeo transitions from a carefree youth to a mature and responsible warrior, reflecting the journey of self-discovery and growth.

Friendship and Loyalty: Throughout the tale, the bonds of friendship and loyalty are a driving force, as seen in the unwavering alliance between Matthias, Basil, and Jess.

Good vs. Evil: The eternal conflict is a cornerstone of the tale, exemplified in the clash between the noble defenders of Redwall and the malicious Slagar and his cohorts.

Legacy and History: The unfolding story pays homage to the past, with elements like the history of Malkariss and Slagar’s background playing significant roles in the present events.

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