the long patrol book summary

Date Published: 1997

The Long Patrol: Summary

"Crisis befalls Redwall Abbey! Will their hope vanish, or rise like a phoenix from the ashes?" In "The Long Patrol", the famed British author Brian Jacques transports us to the captivating world of Redwall Abbey, a tranquil monastery located in Mossflower country, abounding with the vitality of anthropomorphic animals living in the throes of harmony. Alas, trouble stirs. A gargantuan horde of ruthless Rapscallion rats, under the brutish command of the unsparing Damug Warfang, marches towards Redwall, heralding a conflict that can turn the peaceful land into a crucible of war.

Young hare Tammo's dreams of joining the legendary Long Patrol, the stalwart band of hares from the Salamandastron mountain, meet fruition when he's whisked into a whirlwind of perilous adventures. Over yonder, Cregga Rose Eyes, a badger lord of Salamandastron, foresees ominous tidings through her visions, compelling her to dispatch the Long Patrol to intercept the looming rapscallion threat.

As the war drums thunder, Redwall's denizens prepare for the storm, fortifying their defenses and honing their skills. The novel crescendos with a spine-tingling struggle between the forces of good and evil, each battling for the soul of Mossflower. The Long Patrol’s valour, Redwall's unity, and the intrigue of unexpected alliances form the backbone of this remarkable tale, promising a riveting saga that sends the heart pounding, reminding us that courage can flourish even in the face of overwhelming adversity.

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the long patrol book summary
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The Long Patrol

Author: Brian Jacques

Date Published: 1997

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The Long Patrol: Genres

Young Adult
Anthropomorphic Fiction

The Long Patrol: Main Characters

Tammo: A young, spirited hare with a yearning for adventure. Valued for his bravery, Tammo joins the Long Patrol and demonstrates his courage repeatedly, notably during the final battle against the Rapscallion horde.

Cregga Rose Eyes: A wise and determined Badger Lord of Salamandastron. Her unwavering leadership and prophetic visions, like foreseeing the Rapscallion threat, guide the Long Patrol throughout the story.

Damug Warfang: The merciless leader of the Rapscallions. His unrelenting ambition threatens the peace of Redwall and Mossflower.

Midge Manycoats: A young hare famed for his mimicry. His value lies in his creativity, which ultimately proves instrumental in the defeat of Damug Warfang.

The Long Patrol: Themes

Courage and Heroism: The story underscores the courage of the Long Patrol and the Redwallers, as seen in their unyielding defense against the Rapscallions.

Unity: The diverse creatures of Mossflower Country unite to resist the common enemy, emphasizing the power of unity.

Sacrifice: Characters like Tammo willingly place themselves in danger for the sake of others, highlighting the importance of sacrifice for the greater good.

Coming of Age: Tammo’s journey from a naive young hare to a brave warrior serves as an excellent portrayal of the coming-of-age theme.

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