the taggerung book summary

Date Published: September 2001

The Taggerung: Summary

Unleash the fury of the riverbank! With these words, your soul will be swept down the currents of destiny in Brian Jacques’ Redwall series treasure, The Taggerung. In the enchanting Mossflower Woods, the River Moss holds whispers of legends, and amongst them, the Taggerung - a creature of unmatched strength and skill. Our tale follows the pawsteps of Deyna, an otter pup stolen from his kin by the savage Juskarath clan of vermin led by the ruthless ferret Sawney Rath. In a twist of cruel fate, the vermin hail Deyna as the Taggerung.

Raised amongst claws and treachery, Deyna's noble spirit remains uncorrupted. His dauntless heart yearns for the wisdom and warmth of his true brethren. Alongside his towering might, the pages bloom with tales of whimsy and merriment at Redwall Abbey, where valorous beasts conjure feasts and songs to rival the stars.

Yet, shadows lurk even in the most resplendent places. As Deyna searches for his true home, his valor is tested at every turn, and dark forces seek to claim the power of the Taggerung. Will the ancient songs of the otters guide him, or will the snarls of his false lineage engulf him? Come, venture through groves where honor meets blade, friendship warms the darkest night, and destiny carves a path down the River Moss.

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the taggerung book summary
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The Taggerung

Author: Brian Jacques

Date Published: September 2001

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The Taggerung: Genres

Children’s Literature
Heroic Fantasy

The Taggerung: Main Characters

Deyna/Tagg: An otter of indomitable spirit and strength, raised as the Taggerung by the Juskarath clan. His heart seeks honor, as exemplified when he refuses to slay an innocent creature, marking his break from the vermin’s way.

Sawney Rath: A cunning and merciless ferret, chieftain of the Juskarath clan, who steals Deyna believing him to be the Taggerung.

Nimbalo the Slayer: A brave and steadfast mouse who becomes Deyna’s companion. His loyalty is exemplified when he helps Deyna in his quest to find Redwall.

Cregga Rose Eyes: A fierce, blind badger matriarch at Redwall Abbey, embodying leadership and wisdom, as shown when she aids Deyna in understanding his past.

The Taggerung: Themes

Identity and Heritage: Throughout the story, Deyna’s quest for his true identity and embracing his heritage as an otter is central.

Good vs. Evil: This age-old conflict unfolds as Deyna, raised by evil vermin, must choose between the path of darkness and the path of nobility.

Friendship and Loyalty: Deyna and Nimbalo’s unwavering companionship demonstrates the power of camaraderie.

Courage and Heroism: Deyna’s trials, especially in battling against his former clan, highlight the valor needed to overcome adversity.

Tradition and Lore: The rich tapestry of Mossflower Woods and Redwall Abbey’s traditions play a crucial role in guiding Deyna to his destiny.

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