triss book summary

Date Published: January 1, 2002

Triss: Summary

Embark on a Swashbuckling Adventure with Heroic Squirrels, Dastardly Pirates, and an Ancient Island Mystery! In the enchanting pages of "Triss," master storyteller Brian Jacques sweeps us away to the mystical lands of Mossflower and beyond.

Triss, a brave squirrelmaid enslaved by the brutal ferret king, King Agarnu, and his vicious daughter, Princess Kurda, has endured enough of their tyranny at Riftgard fortress. With her indomitable spirit and heart as strong as Redwall oak, she flees, joining forces with two fellow captives, Welfo and Shogg.

Meanwhile, in Mossflower, an old friend of Redwall Abbey, the hearty hedgehog, Sagax, yearns for adventure. He sets sail with his boisterous companion, Bescarum Lepuswold Whippscut, a hare with a penchant for food and trouble.

Their paths soon intertwine with Triss and her companions when their ship gets wrecked near Riftgard. Meanwhile, at Redwall Abbey, the sweet, melodious dibbuns find an ancient, cryptic riddle. The clues lead to Brockhall, the ancestral home of badgers, and unravel a secret bound to the enchanted sword of Martin the Warrior.

The fates of Riftgard and Redwall are bound together, as a tapestry of courage, friendship, and legacy unravels. The sinister Princess Kurda has her cold eyes on the throne, while ancient evils are afoot.

Can Triss wield the sword of Martin the Warrior? The throb of drums, the clash of swords, and a soul-stirring quest await in Triss.

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triss book summary
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Author: Brian Jacques

Date Published: January 1, 2002

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Triss: Genres

Children's Fiction
Young Adult

Triss: Main Characters

Trisscar Swordmaid (Triss): A courageous and determined squirrelmaid. Values freedom and justice; she bravely leads the escape from Riftgard.

Shogg: A loyal and strong otter, he values friendship and fights for the freedom of slaves; helps Triss in her daring escape.

Welfo: A squirrelmaid and expert climber, her resilience and resourcefulness are evident as she aids Triss in their escape.

King Agarnu: A tyrannical ferret king. Values power and control; cruelly enslaves creatures at Riftgard.

Princess Kurda: Agarnu’s daughter, she is cold and cunning. Shares her father’s lust for power; plots to take over the throne.

Sagax: A young, restless hedgehog who values adventure; sets sail to seek thrills and purpose.

Bescarum Lepuswold Whippscut: A fun-loving hare, companion of Sagax. Values loyalty and camaraderie; stands by Sagax through thick and thin.

Triss: Themes

Courage and Heroism: Triss and her companions exemplify courage by standing against tyranny and fighting for freedom, as Triss takes up Martin’s sword.

Friendship and Loyalty: The bonds forged among the characters, like Triss, Shogg, and Welfo, and Sagax and Bescarum, are a testament to the strength of loyalty and friendship.

Legacy and Destiny: Through the ancient riddle and the sword of Martin the Warrior, the book explores the impact of history and the responsibilities of carrying on a legacy.

Good vs. Evil: The struggle between the valiant heroes, like Triss, and the villainous characters, like King Agarnu, underscores the timeless clash between good and evil.

Freedom and Oppression: The book delves into the themes of freedom and oppression, as Triss and her companions fight against enslavement and oppression to achieve freedom.

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