Date Published: June 1, 2021

Ace of Spades: Summary

Unmask the truth in a world of secrets. In the elite halls of Niveus Private Academy, everything is a game of power, reputation, and deception. "Ace of Spades" plunges readers into a chilling landscape of privilege and shadows, taking place amidst the treacherous grounds of this prestigious institution. Here, two students, Devon and Chiamaka, find themselves targeted by an anonymous bully who exposes their darkest secrets through a series of sinister games. As the whispers grow louder and the stakes higher, both must grapple with their pasts while confronting the dangerous realities of race, identity, and class. Who can you trust when everyone wears a mask? As the line between friend and foe blurs, Devon and Chiamaka are thrust into a dizzying dance of betrayal, seeking the truth in a maze of lies.

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Ace of Spades

Author: Faridah Àbíké-Íyímídé

Date Published: June 1, 2021

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Ace of Spades: Genres

Young Adult
Social Commentary

Ace of Spades: Main Characters

Devon Richards: A music prodigy who values privacy and authenticity. Despite his reluctance, he finds himself defending not just his own secrets but those of his loved ones, such as when he’s blackmailed over his mother’s health.

Chiamaka Adebayo: Ambitious and determined, Chiamaka dreams of elite social status. She values power and recognition, but her vulnerabilities, like the rumors about her past relationships, come to light, forcing her to show her resilience.

Ace of Spades: Themes

Privilege and Class: The Niveus Private Academy serves as a microcosm, showcasing the disparities and power dynamics present in society. Students from privileged backgrounds, like the White Hands group, leverage their power to maintain dominance.

Racial Prejudice: Throughout, Devon and Chiamaka encounter blatant racism and microaggressions, from Ace’s taunts to the institutional biases of the school.

Identity and Self-Acceptance: Both protagonists grapple with their identities – Devon with his sexuality, and Chiamaka with her social status and history, showcasing the journey to self-acceptance.

Friendship and Unity: The bond between Devon and Chiamaka deepens as they face adversity. They prove that unity and trust can conquer the most potent threats.

Deception and Secrets: The school’s culture is built on hidden truths. Ace’s revelations demonstrate the dangers of suppressed truths and the power of vulnerability.

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