Before the Coffee Gets Cold book summary

Date Published: December 2015

Before the Coffee Gets Cold: Summary

Step into a quaint Tokyo café where time stands still, and hearts find solace. In "Before the Coffee Gets Cold" by Toshikazu Kawaguchi, the story unfolds in a small, timeless coffee shop nestled in the heart of Tokyo. The café, Funiculi Funicula, harbors a unique and mysterious secret.

Within its ancient walls, patrons have the extraordinary opportunity to travel back in time. However, this miraculous journey is bound by certain unyielding rules. The traveler must sit in one specific seat, and the time-traveling adventure lasts only as long as it takes for their coffee to get cold.

Despite these limitations, a myriad of characters seeks the café's magical embrace, each bearing their own tales of regret, hope, and reconciliation. They yearn to revisit their past, to amend their mistakes, or to relive moments of joy.

Yet, as they traverse the corridors of time, they confront the immutable nature of life and the echoes of their own decisions. Kawaguchi weaves a delicate tapestry of interconnected stories, where the aroma of coffee blends with the essence of time, and the characters’ intertwined narratives unfold with tenderness and depth, leaving a lingering resonance of warmth and reflection.

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Before the Coffee Gets Cold book summary
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Before the Coffee Gets Cold

Author: Toshikazu Kawaguchi

Date Published: December 2015

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Before the Coffee Gets Cold: Genres

Magical Realism
Time Travel Adventure
Contemporary Fiction
Family Drama

Before the Coffee Gets Cold: Main Characters

Kazu Tokita: The warm-hearted café owner, Kazu embodies compassion and understanding. Her unwavering support for her patrons reflects her belief in second chances and redemption.

Fumiko Kiyokawa: A woman burdened by regret, Fumiko’s journey to the past reveals her resilience and capacity for forgiveness, as she seeks to mend a fractured relationship.

Kohtake: Embarking on a poignant quest to reconnect with her husband, Kohtake’s enduring love and commitment shine as she navigates the realms of time and memory.

Before the Coffee Gets Cold: Themes

Time Travel: The novel explores the allure and limitations of time travel, demonstrating the unchangeable nature of the past and the importance of facing the present.

Love and Reconciliation: Characters seek to heal past wounds and rekindle love, highlighting the themes of forgiveness, understanding, and the enduring bond of relationships.

Acceptance: The journey through time underscores the significance of acceptance, as characters confront their past and embrace the lessons and insights garnered, fostering growth and inner peace.

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