Date Published: 1988

Behind Rebel Lines: Summary

Prepare to step into the shoes of a daring woman of steel - in Behind Rebel Lines by Seymour Reit. Our stage is the chilling yet thrilling backdrop of the American Civil War - an era that demands bravery, cunning, and a certain disregard for the danger that comes with it. Emma Edmonds, an indomitable young woman, cuts through society's norms like a hot knife through butter. Born in Canada, she runs away from an abusive father and an arranged marriage, assuming the guise of a man named Frank Thompson and joining the Union Army.

Brimming with the chaos of war and the grit of those who dare to face it, this book is a whirlwind adventure set in the frontline of a battle that is as much physical as it is a social change. Emma shows immense bravery and tactical prowess, undertaking perilous missions for the Union as a spy. She dons multiple disguises, infiltrates enemy lines, gathers valuable intelligence, and performs life-saving medical procedures - all while hiding her real identity.

Underneath the uniform and the daring exploits, Behind Rebel Lines also explores the deep-seated complexities of identity, gender roles, and societal norms. Through Emma's courage and resourcefulness, we delve into the life of a woman who dares to break the shackles of convention, illuminating a side of history often left in the shadows.

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Behind Rebel Lines

Author: Seymour Reit

Date Published: 1988

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Behind Rebel Lines: Genres

Historical Fiction
War Story
Feminist Literature

Behind Rebel Lines: Main Characters

Emma Edmonds / Frank Thompson: A courageous, resourceful woman who disguises herself as a man to join the Union Army. She values freedom, truth, and patriotism, as shown when she flees her oppressive home life and subsequently becomes a successful spy and soldier.

Behind Rebel Lines: Themes

Courage and Resilience: Emma shows immense courage and resilience in her decision to defy societal norms, take on a male identity, and risk her life as a spy.

Gender and Identity: The book explores concepts of gender and identity through Emma’s experiences as a woman in a man’s world, challenging gender roles and societal expectations.

Patriotism: Emma’s commitment to the Union cause, even risking her life and identity, illustrates a profound sense of patriotism.

War and its Realities: The brutal realities of war are laid bare throughout Emma’s service, providing a stark backdrop to her personal journey.

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