Siege and Storm book summary

Date Published: June 4, 2013

Siege and Storm: Summary

Just when you thought Alina Starkov couldn't possibly face more perils, Siege and Storm by Leigh Bardugo thrusts her into a tempest of unfathomable darkness. Aboard a ship on the treacherous high seas, Alina, our sun-summoner, plunges further into the throbbing heart of Ravkan politics and Grisha power plays. The story unfolds in the kingdom of Ravka, now teetering on the brink of a brutal civil war, and Alina, burdened with the expectations of a nation, must navigate her own treacherous path.

Accompanied by the ever-loyal Mal and a handful of unlikely allies, Alina embarks on a desperate quest to harness new powers that could decide Ravka's fate. But her search is complicated by the enigmatic Privateer, a man of many secrets and unexpected alliances. Amidst this chaos, the villainous Darkling emerges stronger than ever, his hunger for power magnified by a devastating new force.

Alina must grapple with love, loyalty, and sacrifice as she journeys through a landscape of myth and reality, old magic and emerging hope. Bardugo masterfully weaves a tale of riveting suspense, testing the boundaries of power, survival, and the haunting pull of darkness. Remember, in Ravka's embattled landscape, nothing is as it seems, and secrets cast long, ominous shadows.

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Siege and Storm book summary
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Siege and Storm

Author: Leigh Bardugo

Date Published: June 4, 2013

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Siege and Storm: Genres

Young Adult
Dark Fantasy

Siege and Storm: Main Characters

Alina Starkov: A Sun Summoner struggling with the weight of her newfound power and responsibility. Valuing loyalty and friendship, she remains dedicated to Mal, exemplified by her constant struggle to protect him from the Darkling’s threats.

Mal Oretsev: Alina’s childhood friend turned love interest. A skilled tracker with unwavering loyalty, his dedication to Alina’s safety, often risking his life, underscores his character.

The Darkling: A powerful, enigmatic figure wielding the terrifying ability to summon darkness. His relentless pursuit of power manifests in his relentless pursuit of Alina and her powers.

Nikolai Lantsov/Sturmhond: A charming privateer who hides his identity as Ravka’s prince. His ambition to save Ravka from its political turmoil is evident in his strategies and alliances.

Siege and Storm: Themes

Power and Corruption: This theme is embodied by the Darkling’s relentless pursuit of absolute power, which drives him to manipulate and control others.

Sacrifice: Throughout the book, characters like Alina and Mal consistently risk and sacrifice for each other and Ravka, highlighting the value of personal sacrifice.

Identity: Alina’s struggle to reconcile her humble past with her present status as a Grisha illuminates the struggle for self-identity, especially as she navigates power, love, and expectation.

Love and Loyalty: The evolving relationship between Alina and Mal emphasizes the importance and complexity of love and loyalty amidst turmoil and uncertainty. Their shared past and unwavering dedication to each other serve as a testament to their bond.

The Cost of Power: Alina’s journey to find the amplifiers represents the lure and cost of power. The desire for power leads to significant personal losses, as seen when Alina’s powers seemingly disappear after the acquisition of the second amplifier.


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