Date Published: February 25, 2008

Breasts and Eggs: Summary

"Breasts and Eggs" - Unleash the Unseen Depths of the Female Experience in Modern Japan! Imagine navigating the Tokyo’s winding streets, soaked with anticipation, confusion, and the overpowering scent of sizzling street food. The city, with its relentless pace, serves as the backdrop for this riveting tale, meticulously painted by Mieko Kawakami. At the heart of this masterpiece are three women - Makiko, a single mother and nightclub hostess, her twelve-year-old daughter Midoriko, and her younger sister Natsuko, an ambitious writer living in Tokyo. The narrative weaves together the personal and the societal, offering an intimate gaze into the struggles and uncertainties of womanhood. At one hand, there’s Makiko, wrestling with the idea of breast enhancement surgery, striving for an elusive societal standard. Midoriko, on the other hand, is grappling with puberty, learning to reconcile her changing body with her sense of self. Lastly, Natsuko explores fertility treatments, motherhood, and what it means to be a woman, or a mother, in contemporary society. "Breasts and Eggs" strikes a fine balance between the raw, the tender, and the complex, offering a vivid exploration of the women's lives in the midst of shifting societal norms.

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Breasts and Eggs

Author: Mieko Kawakami

Date Published: February 25, 2008

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Breasts and Eggs: Genres

Contemporary Fiction
Women's Fiction
Literary Fiction
Cultural Fiction

Breasts and Eggs: Main Characters

Makiko: A single mother and nightclub hostess, strong-willed and resilient. She considers breast enhancement surgery, reflecting her struggle with societal beauty standards.

Midoriko: Makiko’s twelve-year-old daughter, silently expressive and introspective. Her discomfort during puberty echoes her struggle with bodily changes and the onset of womanhood.

Natsuko: Makiko’s younger sister, ambitious yet thoughtful. Her journey through fertility treatments represents her nuanced exploration of modern motherhood and female identity.

Breasts and Eggs: Themes

Womanhood: Kawakami explores the complexity of womanhood, be it through Makiko’s struggle with aging, Midoriko’s confrontation with puberty, or Natsuko’s pursuit of motherhood.

Societal Pressure: The book delves into societal standards of beauty and motherhood. Makiko’s consideration of breast enhancement surgery and Natsuko’s unconventional journey to motherhood serve as poignant illustrations.

Communication: Through Midoriko’s silent protest and her eventual breakthrough via writing, the novel explores the importance and complexity of communication in understanding and empathy.

Identity: Each character’s journey reflects their struggle and reconciliation with their identity, challenging societal norms and expectations.

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