Corrupt book summary

Date Published: November 13, 2015

Corrupt: Summary

Corrupt: A Breath You Take, A Fate You Seal. In the enthralling coastal town of Windmere, secrets are as abundant as the crashing waves against its cliffs. Erika Fane, a young woman with a haunted past, finds herself ensnared in a tempestuous world of power and deceit when she crosses paths with the enigmatic Knights Club. Once a revered institution, the Knights Club now harbors dangerous secrets as it silently shapes the town's destiny.

Michael Crist, a scion of Windmere's most influential family, is a man cloaked in shadows. He is the guardian of Knights Club’s secrets, and he will go to any length to protect them. When Erika and Michael are brought together by a shared mission to unmask the insidious past of the Knights Club, sparks fly.

Yet, these are not just sparks of romance but of rebellion. As they dig deeper, they discover the twisted roots that bind Windmere's elite in a web of corruption and betrayal. The shattering revelations compel Erika and Michael to decide whether they will risk everything for love or be consumed by the darkness that haunts them. In a climax that sends ripples through the town, Corrupt will take you on a rollercoaster ride of emotion, where love, desperation, and sacrifice tangle in a breathtaking waltz.

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Corrupt book summary
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Author: Penelope Douglas

Date Published: November 13, 2015

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Corrupt: Genres

Dark Romance
Romantic Suspense
New Adult

Corrupt: Main Characters

Erika Fane: A resilient woman with a troubled past, she is compassionate and seeks justice. Her desire to protect the innocent reflects her values.

Michael Crist: He is enigmatic, torn between family loyalty and morality. His eventual choice to protect Erika illustrates his transformative journey.

Corrupt: Themes

Secrets and Corruption: Windmere’s dark underbelly is an overarching theme. For example, the Knights Club’s sinister secrets reflect the depth of corruption.

Sacrifice: The sacrifices made by characters, especially Michael, are central to the story. His relinquishing of his family’s position for Erika’s safety is a prime example.

Power of Truth: Erika and Michael’s quest to expose the truth and the subsequent liberation of Windmere illustrates the potency and liberating quality of truth.

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