It's Not Summer Without You book summary

Date Published: April 27, 2010

It’s Not Summer Without You: Summary

Hold on tight, lovebirds! A storm is brewing in the whirlwind romance of "It's Not Summer Without You" by Jenny Han, as hearts are set to be wrecked and repaired in the sun-kissed sands of Cousins Beach. When the tides turn and memories are threatened to be washed away, Belly Conklin, our swoon-worthy heroine, must fight the currents of love, friendship, and heartache. She’s been summering at the beach house with the Fisher brothers, Jeremiah and Conrad, since forever, but this summer is different. With the passing of Susannah, Belly’s second mother, and the selling of the beach house, the world as Belly knew it is starting to crumble.

This tantalizing sequel to "The Summer I Turned Pretty" explores the depths of young love and the power of memory. Belly's heart belongs to the brooding Conrad, but he seems as distant as the horizon. Meanwhile, Jeremiah's warmth draws her closer. As the trio reminisces about past summers and wrestles with the loss of Susannah, Belly must navigate treacherous waters: does she cling to the relics of her past, or brave the uncertainty of new horizons?

Enveloped in a sea of romance, nostalgia, and tears, “It’s Not Summer Without You” captures the essence of the fleeting moments that shape us. Jenny Han’s lyrical prose weaves together the sun, surf, and the tender breaths of first love, pulling you into Belly’s heart and the Fisher brothers' embrace.

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It's Not Summer Without You book summary
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It’s Not Summer Without You

Author: Jenny Han

Date Published: April 27, 2010

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It’s Not Summer Without You: Genres

Young Adult Fiction
Coming of Age
Family Drama
Contemporary Fiction

It’s Not Summer Without You: Main Characters

Belly Conklin: A romantic teenager grappling with change, she values love and friendship. For example, she tries to keep the beach house from being sold to preserve her memories with Susannah.

Conrad Fisher: The older Fisher brother, he’s brooding and complicated. He values loyalty but struggles with expressing his emotions. For example, he’s protective of Belly but doesn’t admit his feelings until late in the story.

Jeremiah Fisher: The younger Fisher brother, he’s outgoing and supportive. He values honesty and openness. For example, he openly shows affection for Belly and communicates his feelings.

It’s Not Summer Without You: Themes

The Transition to Adulthood: The characters face the challenges of growing up, as seen in Belly’s struggle with the complexities of love and the brothers’ handling of their mother’s death.

Loss and Memory: Characters cope with Susannah’s death and the selling of the beach house, symbols of their shared past.

The Complexity of Love: Belly’s torn between Conrad and Jeremiah, illustrating the complexities and decisions involved in young love.

Friendship and Loyalty: The characters’ bonds are tested and strengthened through adversity, as shown when they band together to save the beach house.

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