Date Published: January 28, 1813

Pride and Prejudice: Summary

Unearth an exquisite dance of wits and hearts, enveloped in a veneer of propriety in Jane Austen's magnum opus, 'Pride and Prejudice'.

Embark on a journey to the regency era England, specifically the quaint countryside of Hertfordshire, a world meticulously woven around social conventions and subtle satires.

Meet the spirited Elizabeth Bennet, second of five daughters in the middle-class Bennet family, whose fortune hangs in the tenuous thread of a well-married daughter. In this world, we encounter the dashing, yet seemingly aloof, Mr. Fitzwilliam Darcy, the epitome of pride, wealth, and aristocracy. This tale of love, understanding, and self-realization unfolds against the backdrop of rigid societal norms and expectations.

The pride of Mr. Darcy, along with the prejudice of Miss Elizabeth Bennet, adds a tantalizing complexity to their relationship. A series of misunderstandings, delicious verbal sparring, and societal pressures push these two compelling characters through a labyrinth of emotions, leading to a gratifying climax. 'Pride and Prejudice' is not merely a love story; it is a reflection of society, a critique of social constructs, a study in character, and above all, an exploration of human foibles and triumphs.

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Pride and Prejudice

Author: Jane Austen

Date Published: January 28, 1813

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Pride and Prejudice: Genres

Historical Fiction
Social Satire
Comedy of Manners

Pride and Prejudice: Main Characters

Elizabeth Bennet: The intelligent, lively, and witty protagonist, Elizabeth possesses an independent spirit. She values truth, despises hypocrisy, as evident in her disdain for Mr. Collins’ obsequiousness towards Lady Catherine.

Mr. Fitzwilliam Darcy: The wealthy and proud gentleman, Darcy values loyalty and integrity, exemplified by his enduring friendship with Mr. Bingley, and his care for his sister, Georgiana.

Jane Bennet: The eldest Bennet sister, Jane is kind, gentle, and sees the best in everyone, a testament to her forgiving attitude towards the manipulative Bingley sisters.

Mr. Charles Bingley: An affable and open-hearted gentleman, Mr. Bingley values friendship and honesty, demonstrated in his love for Jane, despite her lack of fortune.

Mr. Bennet: The Bennet family patriarch, Mr. Bennet values his peace of mind and has a keen sense of humor, often seeking solace in his library from his wife’s social ambitions.

Pride and Prejudice: Themes

Love versus Society: The struggle of personal desires against societal expectations is highlighted through Darcy and Elizabeth’s romance.

Pride and Prejudice: The theme unfolds through Darcy’s initial pride and Elizabeth’s prejudice, which they overcome by the story’s end.

Women and Marriage: Austen explores the limited options for women, focusing on marriage as a societal expectation and economic necessity, epitomized by the character of Charlotte Lucas.

Class and Social Status: Class divisions and the role they play in societal interactions are addressed through the relationships between characters of varying social ranks.

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