Tangerine book summary

Date Published: 1997

Tangerine by Edward Bloor: Summary

Imagine a world where lightning strikes with the precision of a clock and soccer games are as treacherous as battlefields. Welcome to "Tangerine," a novel that transports its readers to the surreal yet starkly real landscape of Tangerine County, Florida.

This isn't just a story; it's an expedition into the heart of darkness and light that coexists within a small community and a young boy's soul. Paul Fisher, the protagonist, is not your average hero. With glasses thick enough to eclipse his vision, he sees the world in a way that others don't—or perhaps, choose not to.

As his family navigates the murky waters of relocation, Paul embarks on a journey of self-discovery, unearthing secrets that lurk beneath the surface of his seemingly idyllic new home. With a backdrop of environmental havoc and societal divides, "Tangerine" peels layer after layer of the human experience, presenting a narrative ripe with conflict, camaraderie, and the quest for identity.

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Tangerine book summary
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Tangerine by Edward Bloor

Author: Edward Bloor

Date Published: 1997

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Tangerine by Edward Bloor: Genres

Young Adult Fiction
Coming of Age
Sports Fiction
Social Issues
Environmental Fiction

Tangerine by Edward Bloor: Main Characters

Paul Fisher: A visually impaired, insightful middle schooler who perceives the world more profoundly than others. His courage to confront uncomfortable truths about his family and community shows his deep-seated integrity.

Erik Fisher: Paul’s older brother, a high school football star whose charismatic exterior masks a manipulative and violent nature. His actions reveal the consequences of unchecked ambition and the facade of perfection.

Mrs. Fisher: The boys’ mother, who is deeply invested in maintaining the appearance of a perfect family, often at the expense of acknowledging the reality around her.

Mr. Fisher: The patriarch, whose ambition for his son Erik’s football career blinds him to the needs and struggles of the rest of his family.

Tino and Victor: Paul’s friends from the Tangerine Middle School soccer team, embodying resilience and loyalty in the face of adversity. Their friendship with Paul highlights themes of acceptance and the true meaning of teamwork.

Tangerine by Edward Bloor: Themes

Perception vs. Reality: Paul’s journey illustrates how the visible world can be deceiving, urging readers to look beyond appearances to uncover deeper truths.

The Quest for Identity: Through his experiences, Paul discovers his strengths and values, challenging the expectations imposed by his family and society.

The Impact of Environment on Personal Growth: The contrasting settings of Tangerine County, from its suburban enclaves to the agricultural fields, symbolize the diverse influences on character development.

The Power of Friendship and Teamwork: Paul’s relationships with his soccer teammates demonstrate how collective effort and mutual respect can overcome individual challenges.

Courage to Confront Injustice: The narrative celebrates acts of bravery, both big and small, in facing moral dilemmas and standing up for what is right, highlighting the importance of personal integrity in effecting change.

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