Date Published: March 15, 2022

The Book of Cold Cases: Summary

Is the woman you're interviewing your key to solving a murder, or is she the murderer? Dive into the spine-chilling world of "The Book of Cold Cases," set in Claire Lake, Oregon, where the ghosts of yesterday weave through the fabric of today. In 1977, the Lady Killer Murders shook this small town to its core, leaving behind whispers and unsettling silences. Accused but acquitted, Beth Greer retreated into the obscurity of her mansion. Four decades later, Shea Collins, fueled by a life-altering escape from abduction as a child, finds her daytime role as a receptionist unsatisfying. She quenches her thirst for justice by moonlighting as a true-crime blogger. When fate brings Beth and Shea together, an uneasy alliance forms. Beth agrees to interviews, unlocking the door to her creepy mansion and perhaps her even creepier past. As Shea traverses the unsettling environment, the mansion itself seems to reject her presence—objects moving of their own volition, spectral figures appearing and disappearing. Shea feels the walls closing in on her, but is it the mansion or is it Beth? The quest for truth becomes a high-stakes game where the next move could be fatal.

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The Book of Cold Cases

Author: Simone St. James

Date Published: March 15, 2022

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The Book of Cold Cases: Genres

Adult Fiction
Crime Fiction
Mystery Suspense

The Book of Cold Cases: Main Characters

Shea Collins: Receptionist and true-crime blogger, motivated by the scars of an attempted childhood abduction. Shea embodies determination and vulnerability.

Beth Greer: Acquitted suspect of the Lady Killer Murders, reclusive and enigmatic. Beth represents both allure and danger, a balance that keeps Shea, and us, teetering on the edge of trust and doubt.

The Book of Cold Cases: Themes

Pursuit of Truth: Shea’s tenacity to resolve cold cases leads her into a labyrinth of enigmas and danger.

Personal Demons: Shea’s childhood trauma and Beth’s public trial form the psychological landscapes they navigate.

Haunting Atmosphere: The mansion and the town contribute an unsettling aura that amplifies the suspense.

Complexity of Human Character: Through the dialogues and secrets, we explore the duality in both Shea and Beth.

Supernatural Undertones: Eerie occurrences in Beth’s mansion add a paranormal layer to the real-world horrors.

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