Date Published: March 2022

The Club: Summary

What Happens When A-Listers Get Murdered? Buckle Up for a Rollercoaster of Secrets!

Take a voyeuristic voyage to Island Home, an ultra-luxurious private club just off the English coast. Owned by the Home Group, a conglomerate known for its chain of celebrity hideaways, Island Home is the epitome of secrecy and exclusivity. Curated by enigmatic CEO Ned Groom and his faithful team, the club offers the rich and famous an escape from prying paparazzi and incessant media. But make no mistake, it's not all champagne and caviar. With a backdrop riddled with scandalous behavior, including rape, drug abuse, and nefarious dealings, the place is far from paradise. As guests flock to its three-day launch extravaganza, tensions hit a boiling point. You've got a cocktail of secretive staff members, cutthroat celebrities, and dark secrets. Mix it all up, and what do you get? A recipe for disaster. Murders happen, and a tangled web of secrets unravels as everyone's worst fears and deeds come to light. Think you know what glamour is? Think again.

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The Club

Author: Ellery Lloyd

Date Published: March 2022

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The Club: Genres

Psychological Thriller
Crime Fiction

The Club: Main Characters

Ned Groom: The enigmatic CEO of Home Group, values power and influence, orchestrates the scandalous unfolding at Island Home.

Adam: Ned’s younger brother and right-hand man, trades moral high ground for loyalty to family, overlooks the cracks in the empire.

Annie: Head of Membership, lives by the mantra “the customer is always right,” keeps the spoiled clientele entertained by any means.

Jess: Head of Housekeeping, silent witness to all the excesses, serves as the audience’s lens into the twisted world of celebrity culture.

Nikki: Ned’s personal assistant, highly manipulative, moves from coat-check girl to the inner circle by exploiting opportunities.

The Club: Themes

Celebrity Culture: Satirical take on the excesses and entitlement of stardom, depicted through the lavish three-day launch party.

Moral Bankruptcy: Demonstrates the degradation of values when power and wealth come into play, seen through the staff’s compliance with disturbing activities.

Secrets and Lies: Each character holds a deeply buried secret, unveiled as the storyline progresses, affecting the outcomes in dramatic ways.

Betrayal and Loyalty: Portrayed through the relationships of the main characters, who make ruthless choices affecting their professional and personal lives.

Consequences: The club serves as a microcosm of the destructive potential of unchecked power, leading to deadly outcomes for those involved.

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