Date Published: July 5, 2022

Tomorrow, and Tomorrow, and Tomorrow: Summary

Dive into a Pixelated Odyssey of Love, Betrayal, and the Endless Quest for a New High Score! In the heart of America’s video game industry, "Tomorrow, and Tomorrow, and Tomorrow" by Gabrielle Zevin unwinds an intricate tale like no other. In childhood, the sanctuary of a hospital’s game room births an extraordinary friendship between Sam Masur and Sadie Green. Fast forward to years later, both sharpening their minds at Ivy-league schools: Sam at Harvard and Sadie at MIT. Their renewed friendship sparkles into a mind-blowing video game creation, Ichigo, showering them with fame, glory, and a Pandora's box of unforeseen challenges.

As the narrative dances through three decades, the duo's friendship becomes a kaleidoscope of contrasts. Sam, a working-class, Korean-American struggling with physical disability, counterpoints Sadie, a privileged white woman battling the tech world's rampant sexism. When the glamour of success tests their friendship, they must navigate through their complex identities, media biases, and soul-searching dilemmas. They build video game universes, yes, but it’s the universe of their interwoven lives that's the most compelling game of all. A chronicle set in the thrilling pulse of the American video game industry, this novel is a song of friendship enduring the ruthless press of time, privilege, identity, and tragedy.

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Tomorrow, and Tomorrow, and Tomorrow

Author: Gabrielle Zevin

Date Published: July 5, 2022

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Tomorrow, and Tomorrow, and Tomorrow: Genres

Adult Fiction
Friendship Saga
Video Game Culture
Contemporary Fiction
Game Studies
Technology and Society

Tomorrow, and Tomorrow, and Tomorrow: Main Characters

Sam Masur: A Korean-American puzzle savant. Values authenticity, seen in his liberal outlook and support for LGBTQ+ rights within the gaming community.
Sadie Green: A white, Jewish, MIT grad specializing in game design. Values innovation, but often compromises due to societal gender norms.
Marx Watanabe: Sam’s wealthy roommate turned business partner. Values loyalty, made evident through his endless support for Unfair Games.

Tomorrow, and Tomorrow, and Tomorrow: Themes

Friendship: The lifelong camaraderie between Sam and Sadie serves as the emotional core of the story, enduring societal pressures and personal crises.
Identity and Privilege: Sam’s struggles with disability and ethnicity, against Sadie’s battle with gender bias, shed light on how identity shapes our lives.
The Power of Video Games: Not just pixels and scores, but a language, a cultural phenomenon, and a coping mechanism for real-world tragedies like 9/11.
Grief and Loss: The characters’ journey through the aftermath of personal and public tragedies offers a poignant look at resilience.
Time: An ever-forward force, altering friendships, industries, and personal identities but also offering endless “tomorrows” for redemption and renewal.

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