Date Published: 1966

Valley of the Dolls: Summary

The glittering neon lights of Broadway and the cold reality of Hollywood reveal a world of glamour and heartbreak in "Valley of the Dolls" by Jacqueline Susann. Oh, honey, you think you know the high life? Let me tell you, the glitz and glamour are just a veneer for the despair that looms behind closed doors! Set primarily in New York City and later in Hollywood, this scorching tale is an exposé of the entertainment industry through the eyes of three women who dare to climb the treacherous social ladder.

Anne Welles is the pristine, small-town girl who arrives in New York, quickly shedding her innocence to ascend the ranks of a talent agency. Neely O'Hara, a Broadway baby with pipes that could make angels weep, starts as Anne's friend but gets caught in a web of fame and addiction. Jennifer North, a sex symbol defined by her beauty, fights for a life that means more than just being the object of every man’s desire.

As these women rise to stardom, they find solace and sabotage in "dolls"—pills that are the crutch of the rich and famous. Love affairs bloom and wither like wilting roses, friendships break under the strain of envy and ambition, and promises are as easily made as they are broken. These women will do whatever it takes to remain in the limelight, even if it means losing themselves. The tale spirals into a dizzying descent as Anne, Neely, and Jennifer grapple with their own dark complexities while navigating fame, fortune, and utter ruin.

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Valley of the Dolls

Author: Jacqueline Susann

Date Published: 1966

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Valley of the Dolls: Genres

Women's Fiction

Valley of the Dolls: Main Characters

Anne Welles: A polished, well-mannered beauty from Lawrenceville, who values integrity but abandons it for the enticements of New York.

Neely O’Hara: A ferociously talented singer who values her career above all, forsaking friendships for fame and pills.

Jennifer North: A stunning, voluptuous actress who values love, but settles for the attentions and gifts of wealthy men due to her insecurities.

Valley of the Dolls: Themes

The Illusion of Glamour: Demonstrated by the characters who chase after fame and fortune only to find despair and emptiness.

Addiction: The “dolls” serve as a destructive coping mechanism for the women, showing the bleak reality behind the high life.

Betrayal and Broken Relationships: Friendships sour and love affairs end as the characters prioritize their ambitions.

Feminine Struggles in a Patriarchal Society: The women are often reduced to their beauty or talents, rather than being valued for their whole selves.

Survival: Each woman must navigate a series of compromises and sacrifices in a relentless, unforgiving world.

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