Wildfire: A Novel (The Maple Hills Series) book summary

Date Published: October 3, 2023

Wildfire: A Novel: Summary

"Ignite your senses with a tale of fiery passion and forbidden love!" At Maple Hills College, the end of the academic year is celebrated with fervor, leading two souls, Russ and Aurora, into a whirlwind of emotions. After a sizzling one-night stand, they part ways, not expecting to cross paths again. Destiny, however, has other plans.

Summer brings them together as counselors at a nearby camp, each seeking an escape from tumultuous family lives. Russ, wrestling with his father's gambling addiction, and Aurora, yearning for a sense of belonging, find themselves in a forbidden dance of attraction amidst the camp's strict rules against staff relationships.

As they navigate their burgeoning feelings under the watchful eyes of the camp administration, they also confront their personal demons. The story weaves through the complexities of young love, the struggle for identity, and the courage to face one's fears. It's a journey that tests the bounds of rules and the resilience of the heart.

In the idyllic yet challenging backdrop of the camp, "Wildfire" takes readers on an exhilarating ride of emotions, where every stolen moment is a treasure, and every glance a spark that could ignite a love too powerful to be contained.

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Wildfire: A Novel (The Maple Hills Series) book summary
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Wildfire: A Novel

Author: Hannah Grace

Date Published: October 3, 2023

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Wildfire: A Novel: Genres

New Adult
Contemporary Romance
College Romance

Wildfire: A Novel: Main Characters

Russ: A Maple Hills student and athlete, grappling with his father’s gambling addiction. Russ values responsibility, as seen when he confronts his father’s issues.

Aurora: Another Maple Hills student, she seeks a place where she feels she belongs. Aurora values authenticity and finds solace in being true to herself, evident in her decision to choose love over societal expectations.

Wildfire: A Novel: Themes

Love vs. Rules: The story explores the conflict between following one’s heart and adhering to societal norms, with Russ and Aurora choosing love despite the risk.

Self-Discovery: Both characters embark on journeys of personal growth, confronting and overcoming their inner demons.

Resilience: The novel emphasizes the strength required to face life’s challenges, as seen in Russ tackling his family issues and Aurora finding her sense of belonging.

Belonging: Aurora’s search for a place where she fits in illustrates the universal quest for acceptance and love.

Responsibility: Russ’s struggle with his family situation highlights the theme of stepping up and taking responsibility for one’s life and the lives of loved ones.

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