Date Published: January 27, 2009

What Would Google Do?: Summary

Are you ready to have your mind blown by the golden secrets that propelled Google to its present astronomical success? Here's your golden ticket to the innovative universe of "What Would Google Do?" by Jeff Jarvis. This book isn't just a deep dive into the strategies that made Google a global phenomenon; it's a playbook on how any business, any individual, can ride the wave of the internet revolution.

Google’s success story is encapsulated in Jarvis's main thesis, which states that any company can emulate Google's success by adopting its core values and principles. The book is a deep-sea exploration into how Google revolutionized every aspect of its industry by mastering the internet and using it to its advantage.

Jarvis intricately unwraps the Google playbook, exploring how they went beyond the traditional paradigms of business, disrupted conventional norms, and redefined what customer service and product creation mean in the digital era. Jarvis delves deep into how Google's 'open-source' approach, 'end-user focus,' and relentless pursuit of innovation have not only elevated them to their current heights but have fundamentally reshaped industries worldwide.

The book isn't merely a Google case study; it's a guide, a blueprint to what businesses can be in the new age. It shows how these principles can be applied in different sectors, from car manufacturing to education and beyond. It's a call to action, urging its readers to take the Googley way and foster the culture of innovation, collaboration, and customer-centricity.

"What Would Google Do?" is your window into the future of business, a compelling read that takes you beyond the realms of traditional corporate thinking. It's a must-read for innovators, entrepreneurs, or anyone interested in understanding the brave new world of internet-based business models. Uncover the secrets behind Google's success, and harness them to pave your own path in the digital world!

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What Would Google Do?

Author: Jeff Jarvis

Date Published: January 27, 2009

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What Would Google Do?: Genres

Internet & Social Media
Corporate & Business History

What Would Google Do?: Themes

Innovation and Creativity: Google’s relentless pursuit of innovation and creativity is a major theme in the book. Examples include the development of Google search, Google Ads, and various other groundbreaking services.

Customer-Centricity: Google’s focus on the end-user is a significant theme. The idea of placing users’ needs first is illustrated throughout, for example, in Google’s minimalist homepage design, devised to ensure quick loading and ease of use.

Openness and Collaboration: Jarvis highlights Google’s open culture and collaborative approach as a key to their success. The use of open-source software and collaborative projects such as Google Maps highlight this theme.

Disruption: The theme of disruption runs through the book, emphasizing Google’s ability to shake up existing business models and industries, like the advertising industry, through its unique approaches.

Adaptability: The importance of being flexible and ready to adapt to changing technologies and market dynamics is a significant theme, demonstrated by Google’s foray into diverse fields from search to smartphones with Android.

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