Date Published: July 2002

Moon Spells:

TL;DR Summary

Dare to unlock the ancient secrets of lunar power? Harness the wisdom within Moon Spells, your complete guide to dancing with the moon and achieving your heart's desires.

Moon Spells by Diane Ahlquist is a captivating exploration into the potent world of moon magick, offering readers an insightful path to self-discovery and empowerment. This book isn't simply an instruction manual; it's a journey into the fascinating world of lunar energies and their practical application in everyday life.

Ahlquist dives deep into the waxing and waning lunar cycles, explaining how each phase possesses unique energies that influence our actions, emotions, and manifestations. She contends that understanding and harnessing these celestial tides is the key to making significant changes in one's life. From attracting love, enhancing prosperity, to promoting healing and personal growth – Ahlquist assures that the moon is a stalwart ally for anyone seeking to enhance their life.

Enriched with a trove of moon lore, the book invites readers to delve into the profound wisdom of ancient civilizations who venerated the moon and her power. This exploration of old meets new fosters an understanding of why the moon was and still is an essential guide in people's lives.

Moon Spells is a compassionate invitation to those curious about moon magick, demystifying the practice, dispelling misconceptions, and validating its importance in modern spirituality. It's a potent guide for both beginners seeking their first steps into this enigmatic realm, and seasoned practitioners longing for a fresh perspective.

In its finale, Ahlquist presents an assortment of practical, easy-to-follow spells and rituals inspired by lunar energies, enabling readers to incorporate the moon's magick into their daily lives. Coupled with her sincere, friendly narrative, Ahlquist assures that you are not just reading about the moon's power – you are experiencing it.

Moon Spells:


New Age

Moon Spells:


Empowerment: Ahlquist stresses the moon’s energy as a tool for self-empowerment. For instance, she details rituals aimed at boosting confidence and attracting success, demonstrating how individuals can take control of their destinies.

Connection with Nature: The book underscores the importance of harmonizing with the natural world, particularly the moon’s cycles. Ahlquist describes the unique energy of each lunar phase and provides practices for aligning with these natural rhythms.

Spiritual Growth: Through the book, spiritual evolution becomes a recurring theme. Ahlquist encourages readers to use moon magick as a vehicle for self-improvement and spiritual enlightenment.

Practical Magick: The book offers a down-to-earth approach to magick. Through the various spells and rituals presented, Ahlquist emphasizes that anyone can incorporate magick into their daily life.

Ancient Wisdom: Ahlquist weaves in references to the moon lore of various cultures, showing the timelessness and universal appeal of lunar magick. By sharing these ancient stories and practices, she underscores the enduring power of this wisdom in our contemporary lives.

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