Single On Purpose: Redefine Everything. Find Yourself First. short book summary

Date Published: January 12, 2021

Single On Purpose:

TL;DR Summary

Are you ready to redefine everything and find yourself first? Dive into the transformative journey of being single on purpose!" In "Single On Purpose," John Kim, also known as The Angry Therapist, guides you through a journey of self-discovery and personal growth. After a series of failed relationships and a painful divorce, Kim realized he had never truly been on his own. He knew that to move forward, he had to build a relationship with himself, to embark on a journey from alone and lonely to alone and fulfilled.

The book is not about being anti-relationship, but rather pro-relationship with yourself. It's about owning your shit, breaking your patterns, and finding a grounded sense of self. It's about taking the time to understand and love yourself before jumping into another relationship. It's about accepting that there's more to life than who we choose to love. It's about learning to be single on purpose.

Single On Purpose:


Self Help
Personal Development
Mental Health

Single On Purpose:


Self-acceptance: The book emphasizes the importance of accepting oneself, including one’s past mistakes and shortcomings. It’s about understanding that acceptance is a process, not a one-time event.

Self-care: Kim stresses the importance of self-care, which can be as simple as taking a walk or having a cup of coffee alone. It’s about connecting with oneself and being comfortable in one’s own company.

Breaking patterns: The book encourages readers to break their patterns, especially those that have led to failed relationships in the past. It’s about learning from past mistakes and not repeating them in future relationships.

Personal growth: The book underscores the importance of personal growth, which can be achieved by focusing on oneself and not rushing into another relationship after a breakup. It’s about taking the time to understand and love oneself before jumping into another relationship.

Being single on purpose: The book promotes the idea of being single on purpose, which means choosing to be single to focus on personal growth and self-improvement. It’s about understanding that being single is not a negative status, but a time for growth and self-discovery.

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