Date Published: April 2, 2013

If He Had Been with Me: Summary

Imagine having your soulmate living next door, but never knowing it until tragedy strikes. In "If He Had Been with Me," we journey through the seasons of Autumn and Finny's lives, unfolding in a sleepy suburban town. Childhood friends who grow apart yet never completely lose their connection, they navigate the trials of adolescence, family strife, and the gnarly labyrinth that is high school. Told through Autumn's vivid, poetic lens, the novel is a tapestry of raw emotions—love, regret, and the "what-ifs" that haunt us like autumn leaves carried away by the wind.

Autumn's life seems perfect from the outside, but under the surface, her family is breaking apart, and her own emotional well-being is in jeopardy. Finny, living next door, seems like the guy who has it all together, but he too hides his own set of scars. As their parallel lives occasionally intersect, the story builds to a poignant crescendo, inviting readers to ponder the impact of choices and the tantalizing possibility of alternate realities.

This narrative explores first love with all its complications, the magnetic pull of friendship, and the nuances of a life filled with near misses and almost-happened moments. It is a haunting symphony of what-ifs and maybes, the music of life that plays even when we're not listening.

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If He Had Been with Me

Author: Laura Nowlin

Date Published: April 2, 2013

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If He Had Been with Me: Genres

Young Adult
Coming of Age

If He Had Been with Me: Main Characters

Autumn: The introspective narrator who values authenticity and deep emotional connections. When she confronts her mother about her affair, she stands up for the idea of a genuine, loving family.

Finny: The boy-next-door who prioritizes loyalty and family. His dedication to taking care of his little brother showcases these values.

If He Had Been with Me: Themes

First Love: Explored through Autumn and Finny’s evolving relationship. Their puppy love evolves into something deeper, yet more complicated.

Choice and Fate: Illustrated through the pivotal choices that Autumn and Finny make, affecting their lives and relationship.

Friendship: The unbreakable bond between Autumn and Finny serves as the undercurrent of the narrative, even when romantic feelings complicate their relationship.

Family Dynamics: Each character’s family life impacts their choices and emotional state, as seen with Autumn’s crumbling family and Finny’s responsibilities at home.

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