Date Published: July 3, 2020

The Perfect Marriage: Summary

Think your marriage is complicated? 'The Perfect Marriage' will make you think again!

Set against the backdrop of Washington D.C., Jeneva Rose's standalone thriller unravels the chaotic union of Sarah Morgan, a top-notch defense attorney, and Adam, her novelist husband. Their life spirals into mayhem when Adam is indicted for the murder of his mistress. Sarah, battling between her professional integrity and personal loyalty, takes on his defense. The novel intricately plots the tension between public facade and private turmoil, weaving through courtroom strategies, hidden motives, and the unyielding quest for truth. As the case twists and turns, the Morgans' marriage is tested to its breaking point, exposing the fine line between love and hate, guilt and innocence. "The Perfect Marriage" is a riveting journey through the shadows of doubt and the complexities of love, making readers question the very nature of truth and commitment.

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The Perfect Marriage

Author: Jeneva Rose

Date Published: July 3, 2020

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The Perfect Marriage: Genres

Psychological Thriller
Legal Thriller
Domestic Thriller
Crime Fiction
Courtroom Drama
Family Drama
Mystery Thriller

The Perfect Marriage: Main Characters

Sarah Morgan: A cunning and fiercely intelligent defense attorney, prioritizes her career over her marital life. Defends Adam, ostensibly to save him.

Adam Morgan: A struggling author, emotionally vulnerable, seeking validation outside his marriage. Turns to Kelly Summers for comfort and ultimately pays the price.

Kelly Summers/Jenna Way: A woman of multiple identities. Marries local policemen while claiming abuse, casting doubt on her credibility.

Nicholas Robert (“Bob”) Miller: A law firm colleague with a vendetta against Kelly, becomes Sarah’s co-conspirator in the murder scheme.

The Perfect Marriage: Themes

Betrayal: Sarah’s ultimate betrayal of Adam, who thought she was defending him.

Identity and Deception: The layered identities of Kelly Summers, who is not who she seems to be.

Justice and Morality: Adam’s trial explores the balance of justice when you don’t know whom to trust.

Marital Strain: Both Sarah and Adam grapple with dissatisfaction in their marriage, leading them down dangerous paths.

Power and Manipulation: Sarah uses her legal expertise and cunning to craft a nearly foolproof scheme, manipulating the legal system to her advantage.

The Perfect Marriage: What You Need to Know

"The Perfect Marriage" starts with the picture-perfect life of Sarah and Adam Morgan, disrupted by the murder of Adam’s mistress. Sarah, battling the dual role of wife and defense attorney, uncovers layers of deceit. Despite mounting evidence, she secures Adam’s acquittal, only to discover his guilt. Key plot points include Adam’s affair, the murder investigation, the trial's progression, and Sarah’s ethical dilemmas. The novel ends with Sarah facing the grim reality of her husband's true nature and the extent of her own self-deception.

The Perfect Marriage: Our Methodology

In creating this summary, we prioritized User-Focused Content & Experience by delving into the thrilling yet complex narrative of "The Perfect Marriage," focusing on themes like trust versus deception and ambition versus morality that resonate deeply with our readers. Expert Analysis was key, as our team meticulously dissected the novel's intricate plot and psychological depth. Upholding Quality and Integrity, we ensured every detail was accurately reflected, presenting a clear and engaging overview that mirrors Jeneva Rose's intense storytelling and the moral quandaries faced by her characters.

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