Date Published: June 30, 1936

Gone with the Wind: Summary

Prepare to step back in time to an era of grandeur and heartbreak.

"Gone with the Wind" by Margaret Mitchell unfolds on the fertile soil of Georgia during the Civil War and Reconstruction periods. You'll witness the rise and fall of fortunes, the grit of survival, and the dizzying tumult of romance that frames the human spirit. Scarlett O'Hara, a Southern belle with an iron will, sits at the heart of the tale, embodying the fragile opulence of the South as she navigates the shifting tides of a world that is forever 'gone with the wind.'

Grit, grace, and grandeur unite in this sweeping saga of survival. At Tara, her family's plantation, Scarlett's life is steeped in the comforts of wealth, oblivious to the winds of change. Soon the Civil War transforms the landscape of her life, ripping apart the fabric of the old South. Scarlett, whose spirit is as unbroken as the land she loves, finds herself navigating a world in turmoil. Through trials and triumphs, from the battlefields of Georgia to the bustling streets of post-war Atlanta, Scarlett becomes an enduring beacon of will and determination.

Braided into Scarlett's story is an entanglement of love and loss with Rhett Butler, a man as unpredictable as the times. Their dance of passion and pride breathes life into this timeless tale, a symphony of emotions that reflects the complexities of the human heart.

Mitchell’s magnum opus paints a vivid tableau of a bygone era, a saga of survival, resilience, and the enduring power of love, capturing the bittersweet essence of an era gone with the wind.

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Gone with the Wind

Author: Margaret Mitchell

Date Published: June 30, 1936

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Gone with the Wind: Genres

Historical Fiction
War & Military Fiction
Southern Fiction.

Gone with the Wind: Main Characters

Scarlett O’Hara: A Southern belle, stubborn and self-serving. Valuing survival, she manipulates her way through war and social upheaval (e.g., marrying for money).

Rhett Butler: A charming, roguish blockader. Values independence and truth, often providing a cynical, realistic counterpoint to the idealistic South (e.g., his honesty about the South’s chances in the war).

Ashley Wilkes: A gentleman embodying the chivalrous Old South. Values honor and tradition, even when they lead him to personal unhappiness (e.g., marrying Melanie despite his feelings for Scarlett).

Melanie Hamilton Wilkes: The epitome of Southern womanhood. Values love and kindness, extending friendship to Scarlett despite Scarlett’s obsession with her husband.

Gone with the Wind: Themes

Survival and Determination: Scarlett’s resilience in facing war, poverty, and personal loss (e.g., transforming from a spoiled belle to a ruthless businesswoman).

Old South vs New South: The clash of values, as embodied by Ashley (Old South’s chivalry) and Rhett (New South’s pragmatism).

Illusion vs Reality: The contrast between Scarlett’s infatuation with Ashley and her true love for Rhett.

The Land as a Symbol of Stability: Scarlett’s connection to Tara as a source of strength and continuity in a world of change.

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