Avalanche book summary

Date Published: 1979

Avalanche: Summary

Discover the chilling tale of survival against all odds in Arthur J. Roth's "Avalanche." Set amidst the snowy landscapes, young Chris Palmer's life takes a dramatic turn during a skiing and hunting expedition. Eager to prove himself and overshadowed by his sports-loving brother Terry, Chris takes a shot at a deer. But in doing so, he inadvertently triggers a massive avalanche. Trapped beneath the snow, Chris's fight for survival begins.

As the cold seeps in and hope dwindles, Chris reflects on his strained relationship with Terry and his desire to step out of his brother's shadow. The narrative delves deep into Chris's psyche, revealing his innermost thoughts and fears as he grapples with his dire situation. Will he be rescued in time, or will the snow become his icy tomb?

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Avalanche book summary
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Author: Arthur J. Roth

Date Published: 1979

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Avalanche: Genres

Adventure Fiction
Family Drama
Survival Literature
Young Adult

Avalanche: Main Characters

Chris Palmer: A young boy with a heart murmur, preventing him from engaging in competitive sports. He yearns for recognition and struggles with feelings of inadequacy, especially when compared to his athletic brother. His determination shines when trapped under the snow, reflecting on his life and relationships.

Terry Palmer: Chris’s sports-loving older brother. He often overshadows Chris due to his athletic prowess. However, his deep love and concern for Chris become evident when he embarks on a mission to rescue him from the avalanche.

Avalanche: Themes

Survival: Chris’s ordeal under the snow showcases the human spirit’s resilience and the will to survive against all odds.

Brotherhood: The complex relationship between Chris and Terry highlights the ups and downs of sibling bonds, culminating in a touching reunion that emphasizes the depth of their connection.

Self-reflection: Trapped and isolated, Chris’s introspection provides a profound look into the human psyche, revealing innermost fears, regrets, and hopes.

Nature’s Fury: The avalanche serves as a stark reminder of nature’s unpredictable power and the dangers it can pose.

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