Date Published: January 23, 2017

Behind Her Eyes: Summary

If you think you know the dark secrets that fester in the corners of marriage, think again. "Behind Her Eyes" by Sarah Pinborough takes you deep into the streets and homes of a quaint British town.

In this labyrinth of lies and betrayals, two women—Louise and Adele—find themselves irrevocably tied to David, a charismatic psychiatrist. Louise, a single mother and secretary, embarks on an affair with her boss David, only to befriend his enigmatic wife Adele. Struggling with guilt and enticed by the thrill of forbidden friendships, Louise is lured deeper into the dark web of the couple's marriage. But as Louise is gradually pulled into this intricate tapestry, threads start to unravel. Adele appears to be submissive and fragile, yet she possesses an unsettling power. David, seemingly the man who has it all, hides a torrent of darkness behind his handsome exterior. And all the while, the line between dreams and reality blur, leading to a reality-shattering climax that will question everything you thought you knew about the human psyche.

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Behind Her Eyes

Author: Sarah Pinborough

Date Published: January 23, 2017

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Behind Her Eyes: Genres

Psychological Thriller
Domestic Fiction

Behind Her Eyes: Main Characters

Louise: A single mother working as a secretary, her life is a tangle of monotony and loneliness until she meets David. Values loyalty but finds herself unable to resist temptation when she kisses David.

David: A charismatic psychiatrist with a dark past. Values stability and control, but his actions reveal a man willing to compromise ethics for his own desires.

Adele: David’s enigmatic wife, who exudes vulnerability but is cunning beyond measure. Values her marriage and will go to supernatural lengths to preserve it.

Behind Her Eyes: Themes

Deception and Manipulation: Adele manipulates Louise into a friendship to gain control over her and ultimately, her life.

Reality and Illusion: The astral projections blur the lines between the real world and the dream state, causing characters to question what’s genuine.

Marriage and Loyalty: David’s and Adele’s marriage serves as a dark parable about what people will do to maintain a facade of happiness.

The Human Psyche: Each character is a study in contradictions, their actions driven by deep-seated psychological motivations that defy simplistic categorization.

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