Date Published: August 4, 2015

The Fifth Season:

TL;DR Summary

"Survive the end of the world, then do it again - Welcome to 'The Fifth Season'!"

Nestled in the pages of this unparalleled tale, N.K. Jemisin unfurls the darkly beautiful world of the Stillness, a single continent cracked and fractured by catastrophic Seasons. Suspended in a time when civilization is always one apocalypse away from extinction, the inhabitants of the Stillness are a resilient bunch. The lore of the earth twines into the veins of this tale - Orogenes, rare individuals born with the ability to control the seismic activity, become pivotal to the survival of communities during the catastrophic Seasons. Yet, they live under the shadow of fear and discrimination. But the real gem here is Essun, a secret Orogene living in a small town. Her world implodes when her husband discovers their son's orogenic abilities and kills him, fleeing with their daughter. Thus begins Essun’s quest for revenge and her daughter, set against the backdrop of the approaching Season - the deadliest yet. But be warned, this isn’t a mere journey, it’s a pilgrimage into the heart of a society formed by fear, woven with threads of betrayal, love, and unimaginable power.

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The Fifth Season:


Science Fiction

The Fifth Season:

Main Characters

Essun: An Orogene hiding her true nature in a small town, embarks on a vengeful quest after the murder of her son. She values her family and is fiercely protective of her own.

Damaya: A young Orogene taken to the Fulcrum to train and control her abilities. Represents Essun’s past and the innocence lost in the name of survival.

Syenite: An ambitious Orogene of the Fulcrum, chosen to breed with Alabaster. She embodies Essun’s resistance and quest for freedom.

Alabaster: The most powerful Orogene who plots against the existing order. He values freedom and defies societal constraints.

Nassun: Essun’s daughter who, shaped by the harsh world, possesses a strong survival instinct and harbors a powerful wish to end the suffering.

The Fifth Season:


Survival and Resistance: Illustrated by the Stillness inhabitants’ endurance in the Seasons, and the Orogenes’ struggle against their oppressors.

Power and Oppression: Through the control of Orogenes by the Guardians and the societal hierarchy in the Stillness.

Motherhood and Sacrifice: Exemplified by Essun’s relentless quest to find her daughter and her ultimate sacrifice to save the world.

Identity and Selfhood: Seen through the evolution of Essun from Damaya to Syenite, and finally, to Essun.

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