Date Published: 1988

Mossflower: Summary

In "Mossflower," an epic saga of woodland creatures is about to begin! Set amidst the verdant, sprawling splendour of Mossflower country, a woodland realm teeming with beastly intrigue and captivating tales. Immerse yourself in the heroic journey of Martin the Warrior, an exiled mouse with a heart bold as the greatest lion, and a spirit unbroken by the cruel stoat Tsarmina, who reigns in the towering fortress of Kotir.

In this land where peril lies as much in beauty as in the beast, Martin is the beacon of hope, as unlikely friendships form between creatures of all kinds. Joined by Gonff, the witty and irrepressibly optimistic mouse thief, and the solemn badger lord, Boar the Fighter, Martin is embroiled in a quest to free Mossflower from Tsarmina's iron rule.

Their journey unfolds across fields and forests, over rivers and beneath ancient oaks, as they seek the mythical badger lord of Salamandastron for aid. Each step is laced with trials of courage, cunning, and camaraderie that will put to the test the very fabric of their resolve. Will Martin and his compatriots be able to unite the denizens of Mossflower and reclaim their home? Every page turn of "Mossflower" brings us closer to the answer, in a heart-thumping, paw-tingling adventure that exemplifies Brian Jacques' exquisite storytelling.

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Author: Brian Jacques

Date Published: 1988

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Mossflower: Genres

Children's Literature
Animal Fiction

Mossflower: Main Characters

Martin the Warrior: A courageous mouse with a strong sense of justice. His determination to end Tsarmina’s reign showcases his valiant spirit (e.g., his epic duel against Tsarmina).

Gonff the Mousethief: A jovial, light-hearted thief. His cheerful disposition and quick wit, seen when he lightens the mood during the perilous journey, are testament to his endearing character.

Boar the Fighter: A wise, formidable badger lord. His wisdom and strength, evidenced when he guides the group through difficult situations, make him a natural leader.

Tsarmina Greeneyes: The villainous stoat queen of Mossflower. Her desire for control and disregard for the woodland inhabitants reveal her ruthless nature (e.g., her cruel rule over Mossflower).

Mossflower: Themes

Courage: This is exemplified in Martin’s battle against Tsarmina, representing the courage to confront oppressors.

Friendship: The bonds between Martin, Gonff, and Boar underscore the importance of camaraderie and mutual support, as seen in their combined efforts to liberate Mossflower.

Freedom and Resistance: The battle against Tsarmina’s reign symbolizes

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