Date Published: May 4, 2021

The Shadow of the Gods:

TL;DR Summary

"The Shadow of the Gods" - where the gods have fallen and mortal peril rises - is an unforgettable tale set in the tumultuous world of the Battle-Plain. Imagine a frost-bitten land, windswept and raw, strewn with the skeletal remains of fallen gods. This is the Battle-Plain, a canvas of violence and survival, draped with sagas of power, vengeance, and fellowship.

The mortal world, now a fractured shell of what it once was, is grappling with the cataclysmic aftermath of the gods' demise. Out of the gods' bones, power has sprung, luring men and monsters alike into a deadly struggle. It's a world teetering on the brink of chaos, where fate is arbitrary and survival demands resilience and cunning.

Three epic paths intersect: a bounty hunter, Orka, seeking peace while fighting her demons; a blood-thirsty warrior, Varg, whose loyalty tangles him in a deadly blood feud; and a thrall, Elvar, whose ambition lures her into the dangerous politics of the Battle-Grim. Their paths converge into an intricate dance of ambition, honor, and courage in a world where power is a double-edged blade, and their choices may reshape the world, for better or worse.

"The Shadow of the Gods" is a chilling plunge into an icy, brutal world, where the only light comes from fires of human resolve, and where the echoes of fallen gods whisper promises of glory and doom.

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The Shadow of the Gods:


Dark Fantasy
Epic Fantasy
Norse Mythology Fantasy

The Shadow of the Gods:

Main Characters

Orka: A ruthless bounty hunter grappling with a tormented past. She is fiercely protective, her love for her family embodying her true strength, showcased in her relentless pursuit of a safe home for them.

Varg: A warrior with an unwavering sense of loyalty. His commitment to his Bloodsworn brothers underscores his values, a poignant example being his relentless pursuit of justice for a slain brother.

Elvar: A former thrall, ambitious and cunning. She maneuvers herself into the lethal politics of the Battle-Grim, her ambition exemplified in her strategic alliances to bolster her status.

The Shadow of the Gods:


Survival and Resilience: This theme reverberates throughout the characters’ struggles and their stubborn defiance against overwhelming odds. Orka’s tenacity to protect her family is a poignant example.

Power and Ambition: Power, both alluring and dangerous, is a dominant theme. This is well manifested in Elvar’s maneuvers within the Battle-Grim.

Loyalty and Brotherhood: Loyalty binds characters, creating an intricate network of alliances and feuds. Varg’s loyalty to his

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