House Arrest book summary

Date Published: 2015

House Arrest: Summary

Locked away with secrets and a troubled past - discover the riveting world of Timothy, a twelve-year-old boy under house arrest for stealing a wallet! The story unfolds in Timothy's journal, where he must write his thoughts as part of his probation. It's in these pages that he pours his fears, hopes, and dreams. Timothy's life isn't easy. Responsible for taking care of his sick baby brother, Levi, he grapples with his anger, familial obligations, and societal judgment.

K. A. Holt takes us on a year-long journey through Timothy's struggle as he meets his probation officer, Mrs. Burt, learns from his supportive foster brother, James, and works with his therapy-averse mother. Timothy's voice guides us through raw emotions, personal growth, and an unraveling mystery that keeps the reader captivated until the last page.

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House Arrest book summary
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House Arrest

Author: K. A. Holt

Date Published: 2015

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House Arrest: Genres

Young Adult
Family Drama
Verse Novel

House Arrest: Main Characters

Timothy: A 12-year-old boy under house arrest; brave, resourceful, and caring, he steals a wallet to pay for his baby brother’s medication.

Mrs. Burt: Timothy’s probation officer; stern but understanding, she helps Timothy grow and understand himself.

James: Timothy’s foster brother; wise and compassionate, he provides a positive male role model for Timothy.

Levi: Timothy’s sick baby brother; his illness motivates Timothy’s actions throughout the novel.

Timothy’s Mother: Struggling single mother; her stubbornness and refusal to accept help challenge Timothy’s growth.

House Arrest: Themes

Family Bonding: Throughout the book, Timothy’s relationship with his family members evolves and strengthens, such as his growing bond with his probation officer, Mrs. Burt.

Personal Growth and Responsibility: Timothy matures, learning to accept help from others, as seen in his evolving relationship with James.

Illness and Healthcare: The theme of healthcare inequity is evident as Timothy struggles to provide for his baby brother’s medical needs.

Trust and Acceptance: Timothy learns to trust others, as well as himself, developing a profound understanding of human connection and compassion, as shown in his relationship with Mrs. Burt.

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