It Starts with Us short book summary

Date Published: October 18, 2022

It Starts with Us: Summary

Unlock the secrets buried within the heart of Texas in It Starts with Us by Colleen Hoover! Set in the charming town of Willow Creek, Texas, this breathtaking novel sweeps you away into a whirlwind of love, choices, and self-discovery. Lily, a free-spirited florist, never expected to have her heart stolen by the mysterious Levi, a reclusive carpenter who moves to town. As the petals of romance unfurl, the roots of family secrets dig deeper. Lily's grandmother, an enigmatic woman with a cryptic past, bequeaths her an old, tattered diary.

The words within those pages entwine the past with the present, setting Lily on a quest to unearth long-buried secrets that hold the key to her own heart. The townspeople of Willow Creek, each with their own tapestry of stories, become instrumental in Lily's journey as she unites the town in a mission that transcends generations. Love, mystery, and the magic of human connection are intertwined as delicately as the petals of a blooming rose in this captivating tale that whispers the truth: sometimes the greatest love stories begin where you least expect them.

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It Starts with Us short book summary
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It Starts with Us

Author: Colleen Hoover

Date Published: October 18, 2022

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It Starts with Us: Genres

Contemporary Fiction
Women's Fiction
Historical Fiction

It Starts with Us: Main Characters

Lily: A vivacious and creative florist who cherishes family and connection. Values: Compassion, demonstrated by her efforts to unite the town.

Levi: A skilled carpenter with a mysterious aura. Values: Loyalty, as shown when he supports Lily throughout her journey.

Lily’s Grandmother: A wise woman with a past shrouded in mystery. Values: Preservation, evident through her chronicling the town’s history in her diary.

It Starts with Us: Themes

Love and Fate: The connection between Lily and Levi shows how love can be predestined and how fate can bring two hearts together.

Family and Heritage: Through the discovery of her grandmother’s diary, Lily reconnects with her roots, exemplifying the importance of knowing and embracing one’s heritage.

Community: The unity in Willow Creek and the festival organized by Lily demonstrate how a sense of community is vital in creating bonds and preserving history.

Self-Discovery: Lily’s journey to unearth her family’s secrets symbolizes the search for personal identity and the strength that comes from understanding one’s past.

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