Playground book summery

Date Published: November 22, 2022

Playground: Summary

In 'Playground', Aron Beauregard takes us on a spine-chilling journey that redefines terror. Set in a deceptively tranquil suburban neighborhood, this novel shatters the illusion of safety within the confines of home and community.

The story unfurls around an abandoned playground, a relic of joy now marred by sinister secrets. Beauregard masterfully weaves a tapestry of horror, intertwining the lives of residents with the dark history of the playground.

Each page brims with suspense, as the seemingly mundane is laced with an undercurrent of dread. The narrative plunges readers into an abyss of psychological terror, where the past's echoes reverberate menacingly. 'Playground' is a testament to Beauregard's prowess in crafting a narrative that ensnares and haunts, leaving one to question the very nature of innocence and evil.

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Playground book summery
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Author: Aron Beauregard

Date Published: November 22, 2022

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Playground: Genres

Psychological Thriller
Dark Fiction
Dark Fantasy

Playground: Main Characters

Character A: A once-innocent soul, now a conduit of the playground’s dark history. Their transformation highlights the thin line between victim and villain.

Character B: A pillar of the community, whose facade of perfection masks a deeply fractured psyche. Their actions underscore the duplicity of human nature.

Character C: The unsuspecting newcomer, embodying the hope and naivety that ultimately unravels the neighborhood’s sinister secrets.

Playground: Themes

Innocence vs. Corruption: The playground, once a symbol of purity, becomes a stage for unspeakable acts, mirroring the loss of innocence in the characters.

Reality vs. Illusion: The suburban setting, initially idyllic, gradually reveals layers of deception, challenging perceptions of truth and facade.

Survival vs. Morality: Characters are forced into moral quandaries, where survival instincts clash with ethical boundaries, illustrating the primal aspects of human nature.

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