The Golden Couple: A Novel short book summary

Date Published: March 3, 2022

The Golden Couple: A Novel: Summary

Shatter your preconceptions of 'perfect' in The Golden Couple, a gripping domestic thriller that takes us to the heart of Washington, D.C. It’s here that Avery Chambers, a maverick therapist who’s gone rogue after losing her license due to unorthodox methods, operates her practice.

Using a unique blend of detective work, data-mining, surveillance, and prescriptive advice, Avery's unconventional therapy promises to 'fix you' in just 10 sessions. The golden couple in question are Marissa and Matthew Bishop, seemingly perfect in their high-powered, Instagram-worthy lives, until Marissa's confession of an affair threatens to tear their world apart.

Suddenly, this curated image of marital bliss is on the rocks, and it’s up to Avery to salvage what she can, all within her trademark ten sessions. As Avery delves deeper into the Bishops' world, she uncovers a maze of hidden agendas, deceptions, and class dynamics that reveal more than meets the eye. The truth, however, could detonate any chance of reconciliation. But in a world where appearances are everything, how far will they go to maintain the façade?

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The Golden Couple: A Novel short book summary
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The Golden Couple: A Novel

Author: Greer Hendricks, Sarah Pekkanen

Date Published: March 3, 2022

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The Golden Couple: A Novel: Genres

Family Life
Domestic Thriller

The Golden Couple: A Novel: Main Characters

Avery Chambers: A rogue therapist who has lost her license due to her unorthodox methods. Valued for her unique approach, Avery is not infallible and is often led astray by her clients’ manipulations.

Marissa Bishop: Wife to Matthew Bishop and the one who confesses to infidelity, setting the plot into motion. Values her family and is willing to seek therapy to repair her marriage.

Matthew Bishop: A high-powered Washington lawyer, he is initially portrayed as a wronged husband but is later revealed as the sinister antagonist. He values appearances and is adept at manipulation​.

The Golden Couple: A Novel: Themes

Deception: Throughout the book, characters often have hidden agendas and manipulate others to achieve their goals. For example, Matthew manipulates Avery and Marissa to maintain his image​.

Class Dynamics: The Bishops’ opulent lifestyle and their desire to maintain their image of perfection is a recurring theme in the book. This is highlighted through their luxurious residence and Marissa’s boutique​.

Redemption: Marissa’s attempt to repair her marriage after her affair reflects the theme of redemption. She takes a chance on Avery’s unconventional therapy in the hope of reconciliation.

Power and Control: Matthew’s control over the narrative and his ability to manipulate those around him, including his wife and Avery, reflects this theme.

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