The Sweetest Oblivion short book summary

Date Published: June 20, 2018

The Sweetest Oblivion: Summary

Step into the intoxicating world of the Italian mafia, where every kiss is laced with danger. Set in the dark corners of New York City, "The Sweetest Oblivion" by Danielle Lori weaves a tale of love, lust, and betrayal within the treacherous clutches of the Made. Elena Ricci, born into a life where family is an obligation and not a choice, must navigate the suffocating hold of tradition and a marriage she never wanted. Bound by the thread of duty, she becomes entangled in a twisted game of survival.

Enter Nico, a shadow from the enemy family, whose very presence sends shivers of both trepidation and desire down Elena's spine. Their illicit encounters are as addictive as they are forbidden. The air is thick with secrets, and as the city's underbelly tightens its grip, loyalties are tested.

In a world painted in hues of blood and gold, what happens when insatiable passion collides with sacred vows? Can love be found amidst the ruthless dictates of the Made, or will it shatter under the weight of the cold, hard truths that lay beneath the surface? Through a poetic web of tension, sensuality, and fierce determination, "The Sweetest Oblivion" takes you on a riveting journey of sacrifice and redemption where love is a battlefield and only the strongest hearts survive.

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The Sweetest Oblivion short book summary
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The Sweetest Oblivion

Author: Danielle Lori

Date Published: June 20, 2018

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The Sweetest Oblivion: Genres

Dark Romance
Mafia Romance
Romantic Suspense

The Sweetest Oblivion: Main Characters

Elena Ricci: A strong, fierce woman born into a mafia family. She values family and loyalty but struggles with the constraints imposed on her. She shows her selflessness by accepting a marriage for the sake of her family’s safety.

Nico: A brooding and ruthless member of a rival mafia family. He’s enigmatic and values power and control. His softer side emerges as he falls for Elena, risking his life to protect her.

The Sweetest Oblivion: Themes

Love and Sacrifice: The budding romance between Elena and Nico exemplifies love’s ability to bloom amidst turmoil. Their willingness to risk everything, including their loyalties, showcases the sacrifices made in the name of love.

Loyalty and Betrayal: Through the portrayal of mafia families, the book reflects the fine line between loyalty and betrayal. For instance, Elena’s arranged marriage symbolizes loyalty, while her affair with Nico is a form of betrayal.

Identity and Self-Discovery: Elena’s character evolves as she realizes her own worth beyond the roles imposed upon her. Her decision to take control of her destiny signifies her journey towards self-discovery.

Power and Control: The book portrays the dynamics of power within mafia families and how control is exerted. Nico’s character epitomizes this theme as he manipulates situations to gain power.

Tradition versus Change: The conflict between adhering to age-old traditions and embracing change is evident. Elena’s struggle against her forced marriage and her ultimate rebellion signifies the clash between tradition and change.

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