The Maddest Obsession short book summary

Date Published: April 16, 2019

The Maddest Obsession: Summary

Step into the dangerous underbelly of Chicago where passion runs as red as blood! 'The Maddest Obsession' by Danielle Lori plunges readers into the heart of Chicago's criminal world. Christian Allister, the enigmatic and sharp-minded consigliere of the Chicago Syndicate, is a man with dark secrets and an even darker past. He is cunning, relentless, and willing to do whatever it takes to protect his organization. Despite the icy cage surrounding his heart, his world begins to unravel when he encounters an unexpected distraction - Michelle 'Misha' Munroe.

Misha, a world-class thief with her own twisted past, is as alluring as she is dangerous. The two embark on a cat-and-mouse game that brings them closer together with each encounter. Through the shadowy streets of Chicago, their paths are entwined by a labyrinth of lust, secrets, and shared obsessions.

This dangerously addictive romance is electrified by the electric chemistry between Christian and Misha. Their relationship is laced with peril, yet they cannot seem to escape the pull of their own twisted desires. Their deep connection challenges their ability to maintain the lives they've always known.

Misha’s determination and skills make her the perfect adversary for Christian. As their worlds collide, every stolen kiss and whispered secret becomes a part of the exhilarating dance they share. With a backdrop as vibrant and gritty as Chicago, ‘The Maddest Obsession’ promises to enthrall readers as it weaves a tale of desire, loyalty, and the shadows we all hide within.

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The Maddest Obsession short book summary
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The Maddest Obsession

Author: Danielle Lori

Date Published: April 16, 2019

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The Maddest Obsession: Genres

Dark Romance

The Maddest Obsession: Main Characters

Christian Allister: A shrewd and enigmatic consigliere for the Chicago Syndicate. His loyalty is unwavering, but he is a man with many secrets. He values control and power. Example: He manipulates situations to his advantage, keeping the Syndicate running smoothly.

Michelle ‘Misha’ Munroe: A fiercely independent and talented thief. She is resourceful and driven by her troubled past. She values freedom and autonomy. Example: She meticulously plans and executes high-stake thefts to maintain her independence.

The Maddest Obsession: Themes

Obsession: The characters are consumed by their desires and pasts. For example, Christian’s obsession with control conflicts with his growing passion for Misha.

Redemption and Sacrifice: The characters must make sacrifices and face their pasts to find redemption. For example, Christian gives up his position to be with Misha.

Trust and Loyalty: Trust is a scarce commodity in the criminal world. Christian and Misha have to learn to trust each other despite their backgrounds. For example, they eventually share secrets as a symbol of trust.

Duality: The characters struggle with the two sides of their nature, showing the duality in their characters. For example, Christian is both coldly analytical and passionately protective.

Identity: The characters grapple with who they are and who they want to be. Misha, for instance, must decide if she can leave her thieving past behind for a new life.

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