Date Published: August 2009

The Puzzle King: Summary

Step into a forgotten era and embark on a journey across continents with 'The Puzzle King', a poignant tale of survival, love, and indefatigable human spirit.

Set against the backdrop of the early 20th century, this powerful narrative unfolds in the vibrant streets of New York City and the ominous shadows of Nazi-infested Germany. Simon Phelps, a Lithuanian Jew who emigrated to America as a nine-year-old boy, uses his talent for art to navigate through the nascent American advertising industry. As Simon attempts to build a life in this New World, he crosses paths with Flora Grossman, another European Jew with her unique set of dreams and struggles. These two characters form the heart of a compelling story that encapsulates the immigrant experience, interweaving tales of love, resilience, and an unyielding quest for identity.

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The Puzzle King

Author: Betsy Carter

Date Published: August 2009

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The Puzzle King: Genres

Historical Fiction
Jewish Literature
Immigrant Literature

The Puzzle King: Main Characters

Simon Phelps: A determined and resilient Lithuanian Jew who navigates his way through America using his talent for art. His love for his wife and his longing for his lost family defines him.

Flora Grossman: Simon’s wife, who adapts comfortably to American life but has a persistent longing for children. She is a beacon of strength and compassion amidst the rising danger in her home country.

Seema: Flora’s sister who struggles with her cultural identity and tries to assimilate into American society, often distancing herself from her family traditions.

The Puzzle King: Themes

Immigrant Experience: Simon and Flora’s journey reflects the challenges, adjustments, and triumphs faced by immigrants. Their struggle to maintain their cultural identity while assimilating into a new country forms a major part of the narrative.

Love and Resilience: The enduring love between Simon and Flora forms the emotional core of the novel. Their resilience in the face of adversity underscores the power of human spirit and determination.

Family and Loyalty: The longing for family and loyalty towards their roots is a central theme. Simon’s quest to reconnect with his family and Flora’s efforts to save hers highlight the significance of familial bonds.

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