Date Published: June 2019

The Slob: Summary

Read if you dare! This is not a test—it's a lethal invitation. "The Slob" by Aron Beauregard throws you into the twisted reality of Vera, a woman whose life revolves around an obsessive need for cleanliness. Vera's dark past has made her a neat freak, a character trait she hopes to cash in on by selling vacuum cleaners door-to-door. It seems like a harmless, even noble quest until she knocks on the most nightmarish door imaginable—the lair of The Slob. Imagine the embodiment of filth and depravity; you're still not even close. A monster of a man, The Slob holds a darkness so profound it makes hell seem like a vacation spot.

In a house that's the polar opposite of Vera's ideals—filled with unimaginable horrors and visceral tortures—she's dragged into a malevolent game of survival. But The Slob doesn’t play fair; he plays to maim, to torture, and to annihilate. So if you've got a stomach of steel and nerves of titanium, open the book. But be warned, the nightmare you’ll live through is the stuff even demons would shudder at.

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The Slob

Author: Aron Beauregard

Date Published: June 2019

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The Slob: Genres

Extreme Horror
Psychological Thriller

The Slob: Main Characters

Vera: A clean freak born from a dirty past. Values her family’s future, willing to enter the lion’s den of sales to provide for her unborn child.

Daniel: Vera’s disabled husband. Values resilience and love, seen in his unconditional support for Vera’s career choices.

The Slob: An embodiment of malevolent filth. Values nothing but his sadistic pleasures. Tortures Vera in unspeakable ways that reflect his utter disdain for human dignity.

The Slob: Themes

Extreme Horror: Elevates conventional horror to gut-wrenching levels; scenes like Vera’s torment deliver shocks that refuse to fade.

Human Degradation: Whether it’s Vera’s diminishing self or the transformation of humans into objects, the theme reigns supreme.

Survival: Vera’s ordeal is a brutal version of survival, her tenacity a grim nod to human resilience.

Moral Ambiguity: The story leaves us pondering the line between curiosity and depravity, asking how far is too far even for the reader.

Identity: Vera starts as a strong-willed woman but is reduced to a mere object, critiquing how extreme experiences can erode individuality.

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