It Takes What It Takes: How to Think Neutrally and Gain Control of Your Life book summary

Date Published: February 4, 2020

It Takes What It Takes: Summary

Want to change your life without the fluff? 'It Takes What It Takes' reveals how.

At the heart of this compelling read is the powerful thesis that neutrality, not relentless positivity or crippling negativity, drives success. Trevor Moawad, renowned mental conditioning coach, along with writer Andy Staples, presents a no-nonsense approach to personal development, rooted in the belief that your reaction to circumstances dictates your success.

Drawing on scientific research and cognitive psychology, the book debunks the myth of "positive thinking" as the only path to success. Instead, it introduces the concept of 'neutral thinking,' a pragmatic approach to facing life's challenges without judgment or emotional baggage. Moawad's credibility shines through his extensive work with elite athletes and coaches, bringing a level of expertise and real-world application that enriches the narrative.

The book's methodology is straightforward yet impactful, offering readers a clear roadmap to personal growth. It suggests that by adopting a neutral mindset, individuals can better control their responses to life's ups and downs, leading to more consistent performance and improved outcomes. Moawad shares strategies such as controlling what you can, eliminating negativity, and the power of visualizing performance rather than outcomes.

For instance, Moawad details his work with Russell Wilson, quarterback of the Seattle Seahawks, illustrating how neutral thinking helped Wilson overcome setbacks and lead his team to victory. The book is replete with such examples, demonstrating the practical application of its principles in high-stress, high-stakes environments.

'I' Takes What It Takes' is not just theory; it's a practical guide that walks readers through the process of integrating neutral thinking into their daily lives. It includes actionable tools and exercises designed to foster a neutral mindset, helping readers to assess situations more objectively, make better decisions, and ultimately achieve their goals. Through step-by-step guidance, Moawad and Staples ensure that readers are equipped to apply the book’s principles, making the path to personal and professional growth clear and attainable.

It Takes What It Takes: How to Think Neutrally and Gain Control of Your Life book summary
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It Takes What It Takes

Author: Trevor Moawad, Andy Staples

Date Published: February 4, 2020

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It Takes What It Takes: Genres

Personal Development
Sports & Performance

It Takes What It Takes: Themes

Neutral Thinking: Moawad emphasizes the significance of neutral thinking, which involves not letting emotions dictate our thoughts. By focusing on this type of thinking, we can control our outcomes. For instance, Moawad’s four-step process: Identify, Label, Reframe, and Repeat, helps train the mind to think neutrally.

The Power of Planning: A plan is essential for achieving goals. It provides direction, keeps us motivated, and allows for progress tracking. Moawad’s advice includes setting specific goals and breaking tasks into manageable steps.

Making Hard Choices: Success often demands tough decisions. Whether it’s giving up a detrimental habit or stepping out of a comfort zone, these choices pave the way for achievement.

Verbal Governor: Our self-talk and language can influence our behavior. Positive language can propel us forward, while negative talk can be a hindrance. Moawad stresses the importance of positive affirmations and avoiding detrimental self-talk.

Negativity Diet: Reducing negativity is crucial for success. Negativity can cloud judgment and hinder progress. Tips include avoiding negative influences and practicing gratitude.

Brain’s Ad Campaign: By training our brains to think positively, we can enhance performance. Techniques like positive affirmations and visualization can rewire our thinking patterns.

Visualization: Visualizing success, as well as the steps to get there, is vital. Moawad introduces the concept of mental contrasting, which involves visualizing both the end goal and the challenges along the way.

Self-Awareness: Recognizing one’s strengths and weaknesses is key to growth. Moawad discusses the benefits of mindfulness and meditation in building this awareness.

Handling Pressure: Pressure can be a driving force if managed correctly. Moawad provides strategies to reframe pressure as a motivating factor.

Leadership: Effective leadership fosters a culture of excellence. Moawad shares insights on being a positive, supportive leader focused on team development.

Role Models: Having positive role models can guide and inspire. Moawad discusses the traits of effective role models and the importance of seeking mentorship.

It Takes What It Takes: Our Methodology

In synthesizing the essence of "It Takes What It Takes," we employed expert analysis to unearth the profound themes of neutral thinking and control within one's grasp, mirroring Moawad’s methodical approach to mental conditioning. Our summary reflects a meticulous distillation of content, pinpointing the book’s pivotal insights on eliminating negativity and the power of visualization, ensuring readers grasp the practical applications of these concepts. Upholding quality and integrity, we rigorously reviewed each segment for accuracy and clarity, crafting an informative piece that bridges knowledge with actionable insights, embodying the real-world applicability Moawad advocates.

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