Dear Edward: A Novel book summary

Date Published: January 6, 2020

Dear Edward: Summary

If you knew the flight was doomed, would you still board? In "Dear Edward," a devastating plane crash binds the destinies of passengers while the lone survivor, a 12-year-old boy named Edward, must forge a new life on solid ground. The narrative unfolds in two parallel timelines. One follows the flight from Newark to Los Angeles, offering glimpses into the lives and secrets of the passengers. Meanwhile, the other timeline centers on Edward's recovery in the home of his aunt and uncle after the crash.

The novel beautifully explores human connections, grief, and the transformative power of survival. Edward's story becomes an emblem of resilience, but it also raises profound questions about living a meaningful life after unimaginable loss. The settings are tangible, the characters are vivid, and the emotions are hauntingly real. The story does not shy away from probing the wounds, but it also celebrates the wonder and mystery of human connection. The path to healing is neither straight nor easy, but it's the unexpected kindnesses and the bonds between strangers that guide Edward, offering hope in the face of desolation.

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Dear Edward: A Novel book summary
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Dear Edward

Author: Ann Napolitano

Date Published: January 6, 2020

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Dear Edward: Genres

Literary Fiction
Family Drama

Dear Edward: Main Characters

Edward Adler: 12-year-old protagonist, survivor of the crash, demonstrates resilience and curiosity; values empathy and connection, as seen in his bond with Shay and his response to the letters.

Shay: Edward’s next-door neighbor and friend, spirited and unconventional; values authenticity and friendship, forming “The Dead Philosophers Society” with Edward.

Aunt Lacey: Edward’s aunt, caring but damaged; values family, takes Edward in and strives to provide a loving home.

Uncle John: Edward’s uncle, practical and supportive; values stability and responsibility, trying to help Edward through practical means.

Dear Edward: Themes

Grief and Healing: Edward’s journey from loss to acceptance, culminating in the creation of “The Dead Philosophers Society.”

Human Connection: Bonds formed between strangers, both on the plane and in Edward’s new life, showing how intertwined human lives can be.

Resilience and Transformation: Edward’s growth from a lost child to a compassionate young man, symbolized by his embrace of the passengers’ legacy.

The Mystery of Existence: Questions about fate, existence, and the meaning of life run through the novel, explored through the passengers’ stories and Edward’s recovery.

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