Date Published: 1811

Sense and Sensibility: Summary

Discover the Exquisite World of 'Sense and Sensibility': Where Romance, Reason, and Resilience Intertwine!

In this delightfully intricate dance of duty, sentiment and society, we find ourselves ensconced within the elegant drawing rooms and verdant parklands of Devonshire, England. Two darling heroines, Marianne and Elinor Dashwood, allure readers into their entangled lives, illuminating the gulf between spontaneous sentiment and quiet discretion.

Left impoverished after their father's demise, their genteel existence upended, the Dashwood sisters, along with their mother and younger sister, Margaret, are obliged to vacate their beloved home for the modest Barton Cottage. The sisters confront the society's exacting expectations, navigating the tortuous path to love with a blend of 'sense', embodied by the rational Elinor, and 'sensibility', personified by the romantic Marianne.

Their unique journeys unveil a host of characters as varied as they are vivid, from the gallant Colonel Brandon and the charming yet flawed Mr. Willoughby, to the steadfast Edward Ferrars. These engaging players shape the course of the Dashwoods' lives, each entwined with the sisters in an intricate web of emotional intricacies, societal pressures and familial duties. Unfolding amidst the etiquette and propriety of 19th-century English society, 'Sense and Sensibility' is a beguiling waltz between the heart's deepest desires and the cool dictates of reason.

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Sense and Sensibility

Author: Jane Austen

Date Published: 1811

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Sense and Sensibility: Genres

Coming of Age
Historical Fiction

Sense and Sensibility: Main Characters

Elinor Dashwood: The elder Dashwood sister, a model of restraint and propriety, values duty and sense over emotional indulgence. Her patience and fortitude shine through her silent suffering over Edward Ferrars’ supposed engagement.

Marianne Dashwood: Elinor’s younger sister, effusive and passionate, values emotional expression and romantic ideals. Her heartbreak over Willoughby’s betrayal displays her deep sensibility.

Edward Ferrars: A quiet, good-natured gentleman, torn between familial obligations and personal happiness. His enduring love for Elinor illustrates his integrity.

Colonel Brandon: A reserved yet noble character, Brandon is smitten with Marianne’s liveliness. His quiet, unswerving devotion represents a contrast to the more impulsive characters.

John Willoughby: A charismatic yet flawed character who prioritizes wealth over love, symbolizing the superficial allure of sensibility devoid of sense.

Sense and Sensibility: Themes

Sense vs. Sensibility: Illustrated by the contrasting personalities of the Dashwood sisters. Elinor’s composure in love contrasts with Marianne’s emotional abandon.

Social Class and Marriage: Illustrated by characters’ marital decisions often driven by societal and financial concerns. Examples include Willoughby marrying Miss Grey for her fortune and Edward’s struggle due to his engagement to Lucy Steele.

Women’s Dependency: Seen in the Dashwood sisters’ precarious situation following their father’s death, depicting the financial vulnerability of women in this era.

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